November 30, 2013

Emerging MDM Trends Part 3: MDM on Cloud
Running MDM on a Cloud is particularly interesting unlike other trends I discussed before because of challenges associated with cloud. Adoption of hosted services has always been infected with security issues. There has been increasing concern and demand for reliable and guarded platform and it is elementary when you think from organizations point of view. However, with MDM, this simple ask has become more demanding than ever before.

Cloud traffic to quadruple by 2017, challenge CIOs
Forrester principal analyst Dave Bartoletti said this means enterprises will have to rethink how they manage the growing cloud and Internet of Things. His colleague, Andre Kindness, said keeping files synchronized across multiple personal and enterprise devices will be one of the "things" that challenges companies in coming years. As the consumerization of IT drives employees to bring personal smartphones and tablets to work, the need to synchronize files is growing "from a whisper to a scream," Kindness said, noting that 21% of global information workers use file-sync solutions.

Reduce Your Stress in Two Minutes a Day
When he finished his second marathon a few minutes slower than his goal, he felt he had failed. So to make things “right” he ran another marathon just five weeks later. His body rejected this idea, and he finished an hour slower than before. Finally, his wife convinced him to figure out what was really driving his stress. He spent the next several years searching for ways to find more joy in the journey. In the process he found five tools.

Can technology improve business innovation?
For its part, the Internet itself has greatly accelerated general improvement in the field of innovation. By connecting millions of people with great ideas to new pools of resources that are able to help realize them, a pretty long list of impressive results have accumulated over the years. Of course, the darling these days in open innovation specifically is crowdfunding (which has led to the proverbial Cambrian explosion in related startups), where the concept is that anyone with a good idea can come to the community and try to convince them to fund their idea individually.

We’re ready for hybrid cloud, Microsoft Canada tells IT audience
That vision, however, doesn’t include building a data centre here for Microsoft’s hosted Azure infrastructure-and platform -as-a service (IaaS, PaaS) offerings, which compete against Amazon Web Services and others. Microsoft Azure has data centres in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Azure-based services here can only be bought from Canadian cloud providers using the Azure platform to offer IaaS and PaaS, Grant said in an interview.

Wibidata Machine Learning Platform Offers Comparable Capabilities
The new WibiEnterprise 3.0 platform allows a company to power a site with advanced analytics that fine-tunes itself, providing better recommendations and other features over time, including more relevant search results and personalized content. The platform is designed for the customer who is beginning to use data science, said Omer Trajman, vice president of field operations at Wibidata. “They are not classically trained but they have an analytics background. They have been doing marketing analytics. The mechanics are similar, what has changed is the availability of data.”

Here comes a supercomputing app store
Supercomputer-based visualization and simulation tools could allow a company to create, test and prototype products in virtual environments. Couple this virtualization capability with a 3-D printer, and a company would revolutionize its manufacturing. But licensing fees for the software needed to simulate wind tunnels, ovens, welds and other processes are expensive, and the tools require large multicore systems and skilled engineers to use them.

How to Start Thinking Like a Data Scientist
Fortunately, you don’t have to be a data scientist or a Bayesian statistician to tease useful insights from data. This post explores an exercise I’ve used for 20 years to help those with an open mind (and a pencil, paper, and calculator) get started. One post won’t make you data savvy, but it will help you become data literate, open your eyes to the millions of small data opportunities, and enable you work a bit more effectively with data scientists, analytics, and all things quantitative.

Scrap your ITSM Processes
Now, as with every service, there are other stakeholders other than the customers. Laws, regulations and policies still apply. But the message we need to bring to the customers is that we can make your life better – the service we deliver will help you get your job done. Will the underlying process change? Probably not much – if at all. But the marketing will, and the relationship with the customers will. And the vision of the (now) Service Owner will influence the mindsets of all the other roles within the service.

Is Your Leadership Like No Place On Earth?
The deepest questions, insights, awareness and answers rarely come to us as leaders or managers when we are sitting at the top of the mountain of success feeling like the keys to the universe are all ours. No matter who we are, no matter what we have captured or accomplished; our success, achievement, sense of personal power, value or fulfilment can always change in a blink of an eye. We must constantly strive to keep on top of our goals. The greatest power we hold is not in what we have, but in who we truly are when we choose to ignite, engage and unleash the leader we want our team to follow.

Quote for the day:

"There was never a genius without a tincture of madness." -- Aristotle

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