November 12, 2013

Scrum Master: Position or Role?
The Scrum Guide generally describes the Scrum Master role as one of teaching, coaching, facilitating, and removing impediments. And when a Scrum team is new, these things take time. A team new to Scrum tries to follow Scrum by the book and needs someone that can do a lot of teaching, coaching, facilitating and removing impediments. But what happens when the delivery team matures? Teaching lessens. Coaching lessens, though there is still need for coaching around constant improvement.

For information standards in the enterprise, XBRL marks the spot
The value of XBRL lies in its machine-readable reporting format, which details how financial performance and information must be reported to the SEC and investors. XBRL data is highly enriched with standardized mark up, and users can access XBRL information via common desktop applications such as spreadsheets and word processors for competitive comparisons and for internal governance, risk and compliance purposes.

Many IT leaders' top concerns don't jibe with organizations' priorities
“They want to optimize IT but also want to help optimize the business, and sometimes those things are in conflict,” he says. While the results initially troubled Kappelman, upon speaking to IT people and further reflecting, he believes it is natural for the IT leader’s viewpoint to differ from that of the organization in that “IT is an indirect contributor to most corporate objectives – in other words, we don’t directly increase revenue or market share, though we do all these things indirectly by doing great IT.”

How Basic Problem-Solving Skills Can Simplify Complex Tech Issues
Business leaders have categorized the problems confronting them as "complex" since the phrase "business problem" was coined. And those problems are only getting more complex. The pace of technology, new competitive landscapes (e.g. web-based business models), globalization and the general speed at which markets are changing have increased the complexity of business problems and generally reduced the time available to solve them.

The Bridge Pattern in the .NET Framework
The implementor is an interface that defines base functionality for all concrete impelementors. The concrete implementor class or classes implement the implementor interface. The abstraction class provides an interface to the client application independent of the concrete implementor being used. The refined abstraction class extends the abstraction interface.

Security is top concern in 2014 for state CIOs
IT security strategies and tools are at the forefront of discussion around the states Orgeron noted. Not only did security top the list of Priority Strategies, Management Processes and Solutions, but security enhancement tools (such as continuous diagnostic monitoring came in second among Priority Technologies, Applications and Tools. Following closely behind on the top priority list of state CIOs were efforts at consolidation and a continued transition to cloud services, Orgeron said.

Five data recovery utilities
If your hard disk fails and you don't have a valid backup, you will have to resort to a data recovery tool. Brien Posey has five suggestions. "I've lost count of the number of times over the years that I have had friends, family, and even clients contact me because a hard disk failed and no backup of the data exists. In these types of situations the only option is often to use a data recovery utility to try to get back some of the data. This article discusses five such utilities."

An interview with Vasco Duarte and Jason Little on Lean Change Management
Change agents need a “constant stream of high-quality content to support their work” as Vasco Duarte from Happy Melly states. InfoQ did an interview with him on a new publishing business that aims to connect authors with their audience in a sustainable way, and with Jason Little, an author that will be publishing about Lean Change Management.

Beyond Vision Statements: Three Steps to Successful Post-Merger Culture Integration
Newly-merged companies often shortchange cultural integration efforts by taking the traditional first step—the alignment of mission, vision and values—without doing important additional steps or following through and doing the detailed, gritty work that’s needed to back it up and create real change. Yet, cultural integration is crucial to the success of any merger. Failure to achieve it can threaten the outcome of multibillion-dollar transactions.

Designing an effective vulnerability management program for the cloud
Approaching vulnerability management as a comprehensive program instead of a series of disconnected scans allows providers to maintain accurate and current perspectives on overall enterprise security. They are then able to better execute security decisions with lasting and effective results. Balancing the configuration, coordination and communication needs of the provider's vulnerability management program is a thoughtful and measured process necessary for success.

Quote for the day:

"Be clear about your goal but be flexible about the process of achieving it." -- Brian Tracy

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