December 01, 2013

Microsoft's Software Licensing: Why I've Had Enough
It gets better, as Microsoft now offers "Licensing Training and Accreditation for Customers." In other words, if we invest even more time and money with Microsoft, it will bestow on us formal credentials saying we've mastered its convoluted licensing. At that point, can we then approve our own price proposal? We would be accredited, after all. No, all it would mean is that our arguments with Microsoft would continue longer than they do now. Much of the wasted time in recycling the same issue is due to a difference in opinion.

Governing the 'Internet of Things'
ISACA, an association that develops information systems and security practices and guidance, has issued a new study, Risks and Rewards of the Internet of Things, which shows that only 16 percent of Americans are familiar with the term Internet of Things. "People should be aware that the Internet of Things is coming into their lives and is going to be something that is an opportunity for them, to do things better, faster and cheaper," says Stroud, chair of ISACA's COBIT Growth Task Force. "And, also, on the converse side, it's going to be an area where they're going to have to watch some things like privacy issues. What's happening with their information and is their identity secure?"

How Green Is Your Network Cabling?
When cabling is being modified, or upgraded, care should be taken not to leave old trunking, and old cabling in place, unless it can be modified and updated. This is due to the fact that legacy cabling can cause obstruction and block airflow. There is also an added danger with leaving old cabling in place; it may not comply with the current “Reduction of Hazardous Substances” policy. Old-style cabling may release halogen if fire breaks out, leaving a company open to possible regulatory enforcement or fines.

Worm Targets Linux PCs and Embedded Devices
According to security researchers from Symantec, the malware spreads by exploiting a vulnerability in php-cgi, a component that allows PHP to run in the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) configuration. The vulnerability is tracked as CVE-2012-1823 and was patched in PHP 5.4.3 and PHP 5.3.13 in May 2012. The new worm, which was named Linux.Darlloz, is based on proof-of-concept code released in late October, the Symantec researchers said Wednesday in a blog post.

The death of the database
Many SAP (and other) customers will be running existing RDBMS systems for 20-30 years into the future, just as there are many people running 30-year old systems today. But they will be IT systems that businesses keep alive, whilst they innovate (and spend money) elsewhere. The real question is: will any of the existing incumbents have a place in the future? Hadoop and MongoDB are fast converging into the future, as is SAP, in my opinion, though from a very different direction. SAP has a different challenge, which is how its roots (internally and in its ecosystem) are embedded in the RDMBS market.

Social Network Analysis for Fraud Detection
As traditional techniques often fail to identify fraudulent behavior, social network analytics offers new insights in the propagation of fraud through a network - watch this short overview. This short overview of Social Network Analysis for Fraud Detection is presented by Veronique Van Vlasselaer, a student at KU Leuven, Belgium, working in the DataMiningApps group led by Prof. dr. Bart Baesens.

Increasing Oracle Database Availability with Fast-Start Failover
The key to this feature is a monitoring process appropriately named the Observer. The Observer is a component of the DGMGRL interface that is configured on a system outside the systems actually running the Oracle Data Guard configuration, which monitors the availability of the primary database. Should it detect that the primary database (all instances in an Oracle RAC environment) has become unavailable or a connection with the primary database is not able to be made, it will issue a failover after waiting the number of seconds specified by theFastStartFailoverThreshold property.

How To Achieve Data-Driven Design
Solution is to provide a Design driven methodology that helps businesses avoid severe and expensive design failures and set businesses on trajectory of consistent and sustainable improvements without busting the budget for the project. Solution is to give a rational methodology for figuring out how design is helping the business and learn from every interactions. Interaction could be triggered from manual or automated means. Knowledge gained could be used for iterating and improving upon specific experience related issues, without investing too much into fixing the entire design for small issues, which was how world used to do that.

Directing the Agile Organisation
At all levels, whether a team leader or CEO, an Agile Manager becomes responsible forfacilitating day-to-day operation, managing risk, providing governance oversight, and directing the strategic outcomes of the organisation. The key distinction is the act of facilitation, providing support to and removing impediments from their teams. Ultimately, by embracing and shaping change, an agile manager can position the organisation to quickly take advantage of new opportunities in the market.

A Balanced Score Card for presenting the value of Enterprise Architecture
Measuring the value of Enterprise architecture is not easy. In the presentation we will show an approach for measuring the value of EA by means of a Balanced Score Card (BSC). The BSC is a well-known management instrument for reporting value. We have developed a version of the BSC which is suitable to report the value of EA to management. In this presentation we will explain the EA BSC and show some preliminary results. If you leave your email address, then you will receive a PDF report with a compilation of the results.

Quote for the day:

"Everything's in the mind. That's where it all starts. Knowing what you want is the first step toward getting it. " -- Mae West

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