November 17, 2013

What to Use on the Microsoft Stack
Recently there has been a lot of flux in the Microsoft stack, leaving developers and leads wondering which technologies they should focus on. Microsoft's unwillingness to officially deprecate technologies such as Silverlight, instead allowing them to slowly fade away, only compounds the confusion. One way to find out is to review a little known document called the ".NET Technology Guide for Business Applications". Released earlier this year, the Guide offers insight into where Microsoft intends to put its efforts and what technologies should be avoided.

How to Create an Effective Business Continuity Plan
Because restoring IT is critical for most companies, numerous disaster recovery solutions are available. You can rely on IT to implement those solutions. But what about the rest of your business functions? Your company's future depends on your people and processes. Being able to handle any incident effectively can have a positive effect on your company's reputation and market value, and it can increase customer confidence.

Steve Jobs On Android Founder Andy Rubin: 'Big, Arrogant ..."
Steve Jobs did not like Android, or the guy that ran it, Andy Rubin, according to a new book on the Google-Apple smartphone wars. ... "It got incredibly personal," says one Apple executive who was briefed by Jobs on the meeting. "Jobs said that Rubin was steamed, telling him his position was anti-innovation. And this is where Steve was demeaning to Andy, saying Andy was trying to be like him, look like him, have the same haircut, the same glasses, the same style."

HTML5 & CSS: Animated Opening Type
"In this tutorial I’m going to explain how to achieve an interesting 3D opening type effect with CSS based on the one I previously created. My experiment was actually inspired by Edenspiekermann’s Open Type project for the Kröller-Müller Museum, a dynamic concept that plays with light and shadow in a simple but incredibly creative way. The aim of this tutorial is to show how we can bring some life to letters using CSS transforms and transitions on pseudo-elements with a technique that will allow to open a letter from all four sides."

It's Too Late for Data Governance
Get buy-in across the organization on definitions so the element that is quantified here is actually the same thing as the one quantified there. That way, individuals who create local models can be assured they are comparing apples to apples and benchmarks are meaningful instead of confusing. Attention to detail and cross-department accord are necessary. Be prepared to spend a fair amount of time here.

The interplay between data management and data governance
Inevitably, firms will need the right tools for this practice, and effective data management solutions are the essential foundation on which to build data governance. These systems have already delivered exemplary levels of transparency, visibility and highly granular control over data consumption and distribution, and enable organizations to embed data management disciplines into formal technology practice. Usage and change management functions ensure that data governance benefits the organization by enabling cost control, cost allocation and contractual compliance.

Cisco claims scuttled by VMware
In criticizing software-only overlays for network virtualization, two points Cisco continually brings up are hypervisor dependency and the need to touch all endpoints when network changes are made. But VMware, the chief target of Cisco's criticism, takes issue with both counts. With the first, VMware's NSX software is installed in many multi-hypervisor hybrid environments and some with non-VMware hypervisors, says Martin Casado

Introducing Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) 4.1
EMET anticipates the most common techniques adversaries might use and shields computer systems against those security threats. EMET uses security mitigation technologies such as Data Execution Prevention (DEP), Mandatory Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR), Structured Exception Handler Overwrite Protection (SEHOP), Export Address Table Access Filtering (EAF), Anti-ROP, and SSL/TLS Certificate Trust Pinning, to help protect computer systems from new or undiscovered threats.

Strategic Risk—Five Frequently Asked Questions
Companies that fall behind on the innovation curve may soon find themselves facing innovation’s evil twin: disruption. Those that do not actively manage strategic risk—as well as evolve with new technologies and plug into external sources to gain an “outside-in” perspective—are more likely to be victimized by the future than being a part of shaping it. Strategic risk analysis can help a company control its own destiny by surfacing the pitfalls and the opportunities that lie within their business strategy.

OAuth as Single Sign On
"Today, we're announcing the release of a key part of our authentication infrastructure - - under the MIT license. This is the service that accepts passwords on login and manages all things OAuth for our API. The repo is now world-readable at . Pull requests welcome. While OAuth was originally designed to allow service providers to delegate some access on behalf of a customer to a third party, and we do use it that way too, Heroku also uses OAuth for SSO. We'd like to take this opportunity to provide a technical overview."

Quote for the day:

"The truth can make people angrier than a lie. Tell it anyway." -- Teresa Carpenter

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