November 14, 2013

Five steps to choosing the best hypervisor for your company
Most agree that, up until recently, VMware was the obvious leader in providing advanced virtualization features. However, with the release of Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V, many believe that Microsoft has stepped up its game, providing features equivalent to the ones VMware is known for. Because of these recent advancements, it's a better time than ever to select a hypervisor for the data center because you have more competitive choices to consider.

IBM to offer Watson supercomputer as cloud development platform
IBM is preparing to give third parties access to its Watson supercomputer with the aim of spurring the growth of applications that take advantage of the system's artificial intelligence capabilities. Watson, which is derived from IBM's DeepQA project, drew worldwide attention in 2011 after it soundly defeated human opponents on the Jeopardy! game show. IBM has been applying Watson's machine learning -- or "cognitive computing" -- technology to domains such as health care, but now the company is ready to share Watson with the broader world.

Eight Ways to Stay Calm in the Midst of Chaos
Everyone dreams of a company that runs smoothly and efficiently, but ambitious entrepreneurs, managers and salespeople can’t help but push for speed. Rather than slow down on a product release or turn down a customer or two until processes are ready, decisions are made that tax resources and send teams into a frenzy. Whether you are the chaos creator or just caught in the fray, the best way you can bring sanity back to your team is to be an island of stability. It’s harder than it sounds when people are running and screaming with their hair on fire, so here are eight tips for smooth sailing.

Virtustream Accelerates Hybrid Cloud Security and Compliance with Intel® TXT
“Virtustream's partnership with Intel has been built on our common belief that enterprise class clouds must closely integrate software and hardware to give our clients the most advanced security features and compliance capabilities which reduce risk and costs,” said Kevin Reid, CEO and CTO of Virtustream. “By integrating Intel TXT, Virtustream’s xStream moves several steps ahead of any other hybrid cloud solution. The combination of application-level SLAs and security compliance gives our customers a tremendous advantage and new options for how they can deploy business-critical applications in the cloud.”

Isis NFC mobile wallet goes live across the US
"The redesigned Isis Mobile Wallet features a simplified user interface with a clean, white background and easy-to-navigate toolbars," Isis says. "Integration with American Express Serve makes it convenient for Isis Mobile Wallet users to load funds to their American Express Serve account from a US debit or credit card, bank account, or through direct deposit, as well as pay bills online and send money to friends and family using an American Express Serve account."

Security as a Service enlists one cloud to monitor others
Security as a Service is a ripe market for new approaches from emerging companies. One such company, JumpCloud, hopes to snare customers looking for a one-stop Security as a Service monitoring shop. Its agent-based software handles intrusion detection and prevention, data loss prevention, and identity and access management with integrations into Active Directory.

10 mistakes CIOs should not make
There is probably no more difficult C-level position in any company than that of the CIO. So much can go wrong with technology projects, and also with enterprise acceptance of them. One area CIOs think about, especially when work is not going well, is what they could have done differently. There is natural tendency to “step in” to make everything “right.” But before you do that, think again. Here are ten things CIOs should avoid!

Where Does Your Chief Data Officer Work? Three Organizational Models
Don’t get me wrong. The CIO isn’t going anywhere. Bringing on a CDO or adding new authoritative supporting roles should not be a replacement for a CIO, or any other C-level position for that matter. The CDO should be an enhancement to the existing organizational structure and complement the positions that are already working hard to drive the business forward.

Firms are still unprepared for consumerised IT management
“There’s a conflict here between the 63 per cent of people who said they are going to deploy a self-service, enterprise app store within the next two years and the small number who have a management plan to go with it,” Littleson told IT Pro. “Software is a very expensive asset that needs to be constantly managed, not just to make sure you have enough licenses, but also that you don’t have too many, for example,” he added

Virtualized environments. Real risk
Because virtual machines run on a hypervisor, having access to the virtual infrastructure really gives you the 'master key' to everything in the datacenter. You get a significant concentration of risk, and there is no video camera watching what you're doing. In the virtual world, administrators don't even need access to the VM. It's easy for them to take a snapshot, copy the snapshot elsewhere and spin up a copy of the VM and/or modify the disk image to inject new users and passwords.

Quote for the day:

"The best strategy for building a competitive organization is to help individuals become more of who they are." -- Marcus Buckingham

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