November 25, 2013

Twitter tightens security against NSA snooping
The company implemented "perfect forward secrecy" on its Web and mobile platforms, it said Friday. The technology should make it impossible for an organization to eavesdrop on encrypted traffic today and decrypt it at some point in the future. At present, the encryption between a user and the server is based around a secret key held on the server. The data exchange cannot be read but it can be recorded in its encrypted form. Because of the way the encryption works, it's possible to decrypt the data at some point in the future should the server's secret key ever be obtained.

Most significant mobile tech of 2013: Windows 8.1
While updates are the natural order of things in the OS world, make no mistake, Windows 8.1 was largely created to address those things people didn't like about the first release. It was intended to make the OS work better on tablets, as mobile is very important to both Windows and Microsoft. In that effort Microsoft succeeded, as Windows 8.1 has turned the platform into a good one for tablets. It does so while also becoming a good engine for notebooks, the other side of the mobile coin.

16 products that Microsoft has killed off
Every product has its end. It is either replaced, upgraded or merged in with something else. Even Microsoft, a company that is notoriously generous and patient with letting a product gain momentum, is willing to pull the plug when necessary. Here are some of the most notable Microsoft products that have met their demise.

Top 10 Unstructured Data Projects for 2014
Everyone’s talking about unstructured data lately – the cost, the risk, the massive growth – but little is being done to control it. Analyst group IDC estimates unstructured data growth at 40-60 percent per year, a statistic that is not only startling, but puts a great deal of emphasis on the need to start managing it today or at least have it on the schedule for 2014. With budgets tightening – often to pay for storage costs – data center managers are struggling to find the highest impact projects that will see an immediate ROI.

Researchers use shopping cart to put mobile, NFC payment theft on wheels
Despite widespread adoption in Europe and the UK, the researchers found that contactless payments are more vulnerable then previously believed. Hacking into NFC payment transmission and covertly skimming, relaying or eavesdropping on the transmission of sensitive customer information isn't new; researchers began to make these three types of vulnerabilities public around 2008. Yet making it easy and reliable was not a known quantity until now - four security researchers from the University of Surrey have examined success rates, distance and more, using cheap store-bought electronics.

Berlin court rules Google privacy policy violates data protection law
Google said it would appeal the decision. "We believe our Terms of Service and privacy policy comply with all applicable laws, a Google spokesman said in an emailed statement. If the verdict is upheld, it could have far-reaching implications for Google. "When it is final Google will have to change a lot, change its privacy policy and terms and conditions," Skutnik said. But the federation will have to be patient: "If we're lucky" the court of appeal will make a decision by the end of next year, she said.

What Is a Leadership Pipeline?
How do we make it safe for people at all levels of your organization to practice leadership? Leadership has become a buzz word these days and I want to make it clear that my opinion is that we not only want to practice leadership, we want to practice followership. In order to create a great leadership pipeline in your business you have to practice what it is to lead and what it is to follow and we have to make it safe in our companies to build a culture of being able to say what’s on our mind without repercussion.

Backend as a Service: Reap the benefits, master the challenges
Most mobile applications also require resources on the other side of the network: a place to store data, means for managing users, support for push notifications and things like leveraging geolocation services. In fact, building a fully featured mobile app often depends on the ability to support these back-end capabilities. In response to that need, a new class of Platform as a Service [PaaS] has emerged that many in the market referred to as Backend as a Service because these offerings provide the required back-end capabilities in a cloud-hosted model.

California sues SAP over failed payroll software project
"After three years, and paying SAP approximately $50 million to integrate its own software into a new payroll and benefits system for the state of California, all the [state controller's office] has to show for its investment is a system that could not get the payroll right even once over an eight-month period for a pilot group of only 1,500 employees," the lawsuit states. The suit, filed Thursday in Sacramento County District Court, comes after a lengthy back-and-forth between the state and SAP over the system, which was supposed to serve 240,000 workers and replace 30-year-old legacy systems.

Avoiding the Minefields to Ignite MDM Value
While the concept of MDM is not new, it’s a rapidly evolving marketplace that has become crowded with applications and a blur of sameness when it comes to marketing messages and positioning. When evaluating MDM vendors, organizations should conduct due diligence and take time to verify that that the vendor under consideration has a team of seasoned experts who can turn data into revenue. Start by asking questions such as what is the average tenure of your employees, and what is the earliest deployment your customers have experienced starting from the beginning of the project?

Quote for the day:

"Worry, like a rocking chair, will give you something to do, but it won't get you anywhere." -- Vance Havner

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