November 02, 2013

A Different Methodology for Big Data
MVI basically considers the minimum hurdle that validates a new approach to problem solving by delivering insight that hasn’t been possible before. MVI works by taking a flexible and agile-based approach to validating a methodology for solving problems that provides an “aha” moment of insight. The insight has to be intuitively valuable for MVI to work, so it helps organize a focus on real problems to be solved.

Computer-Controlled Anesthesia Could Be Safer for Patients
Brown’s group has been studying the anesthetized brain both to further scientific understanding of consciousness and to make anesthesia safer and more effective (see “The Mystery Behind Anesthesia”). The pattern of brain activity that doctors monitor to control sedation is well defined and can be recognized by a computer, says Brown.

Start your journey to cloud, take a 360 degree view (part 3)
One of the key elements enterprises should setup is an appropriate governance ensuring business and IT get aligned on what services are required and how those are delivered. And I use the term here in its widest sense. All parties need to be aligned. Now, there are two aspects of governance to be addressed. The first one is related to the journey to cloud itself. The objective is to ensure decisions taken in one of the four areas are properly taken into account in the others.

IT Security Considerations for Departing Employees
If current employees are a potential security risk (purposely or naively), consider the larger risk that a departing, potentially disgruntled, employee might be. Whatever company loyalty an existing employee might have had (perhaps out of the concern of losing a job) soon disappears when the employee is gone. Especially in this time of ever increasing security risks, continued company layoffs, and economic turmoil, it is important to make sure you have your IT backs covered against the mischief a departing employee might cause.

FAA allows passengers to keep electronic devices turned on
There is one big exception to this, however. Passengers still cannot use their cell phones to make voice calls during the flight, based on Federal Communications Commission rules prohibiting their use. The FAA is asking the FCC to reconsider those rules. The concern is that long-range cellular communication could interfere with the airplanes avionics, so no mobile devices can use cellular communications during flight, the FAA explained.

Cisco Making A Business Out of the Internet of Things
When networking giant Cisco looks at the Internet of Things, what it sees is an opportunity. This week, Cisco officially launched its Internet of Things business unit in a bid to consolidate its efforts and fully capitalize on the opportunity. Guido Jouret, general manager of the Internet of Things Group at Cisco, explained to Enterprise Networking Planet that new network connections are a good thing for Cisco. He noted that 25 years ago, most connectivity was very heterogeneous, but that that evolved as IP became dominant in the enterprise and for the Internet.

Herding Clouds: IT Faces Its Hybrid Future
Integrating cloud services isn't an easy task, which explains why one-third of respondents to our Cloud Computing Survey don't even try. Another 41% take the laborious, costly and error-prone path of custom-coding scripts or application stubs around each vendor's API to bridge internal and external systems. Manual coding is an obvious nightmare for application developers, but don't underestimate the challenge it creates for IT operations teams trying to manage a hybrid infrastructure and deploy applications across multiple clouds while guaranteeing service levels.

Is Thought Leadership the Same as Change Leadership?
We all toss our opinions on the table, but the thought leader does more than that. Thought leaders put ideas and opinions out that have underlying rationales capable of being tested, adapted and evolved. More importantly, the thought leader “leads” by doing the thinking that others won’t, don’t or can’t. Thought leaders stand by their ideas and in doing so, reframe and shift discussions in the direction that allows the solution to present itself. Thought leaders don’t take the debate on their ideas personally; they accept “wins” and “defeats” gracefully

Master Data Services (MDS) Operations Guide
SQL Server Master Data Services (MDS) provides a central data hub that ensures the integrity of information and consistency of data is constant across different applications. With MDS, you can implement a master data management (MDM) hub to manage the master data that is stored in an enterprise database. This article provides guidance about how to install, configure and manage SQL Server 2012 Master Data Services. You also learn how to deploy a Master Data Services model and create a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) solution to monitor MDS.

Brazil to insist on local Internet data storage after U.S. spying
If passed, the new law could impact the way Google, Facebook, Twitter and other Internet giants operate in Latin America's biggest country and one of the largest telecommunications markets in the world. A draft of the law says "the government can oblige Internet service companies ... to install and use centers for the storage, management and dissemination of data within the national territory." The government would evaluate the requirement for each company, the draft says, "taking into consideration their size, their revenues in Brazil and the breadth of services they offer the Brazilian public."

Quote for the day:

"I don't believe in taking foolish chances. But nothing can be accomplished without taking any chances at all." -- Charles Lindbergh

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