November 06, 2013

Don't Be A Hacker's Puppet
Countless servers are being converted to zombie or drone systems as part of botnets or coordinated attack machines. The risk to organizations is significant. A compromised network can result in embarrassment as you are blamed for the attacks on high-value targets and potentially massive costs from bandwidth and server utilization. Also, being blacklisted on the Internet makes it much harder to do business. Worse, if your infrastructure is used in a particularly heinous crime, it could be confiscated.

Cloud Buyers' Decision Tree
This White Paper describes a Decision Tree that could be used to help you discover where Cloud opportunities and solutions might fit in your organization. It is put forward for discussion, with the intention that this discussion, and validation in the field, will result in a practical tool for use by enterprises. In reverse mode, this Decision Tree can be used to quickly identify the types of business situations for which a particular type of Cloud offering will deliver the most value.

From EJBs to the mobile web: Re-emerging trends in enterprise Java development
If you've heard bad things about JSR 168, you'll be relieved to know that the new version of the API is much more developer-friendly. You even have a wide array of tooling options and technologies that support design and development on the server side or the client side, wherever you feel your greatest coding and scripting talents lie. It's probably a good idea to be involved in the portal development discussion starting at the architecture stage. That way, you can advocate for solutions that use more of the skills you already have...

Does technology improve employee engagement?
Given the parade of data on low worker engagement lately, commentators and analysts have come out of woodwork this year, claiming that the industrial era model of work is "broken", that that even the latest new models (such as social business, better intranets, unified communication, or fill-in-the-blank) for fixing this are "dead", and more. There's little doubt that things could be greatly improved, but what exactly is wrong is as variable as the lens being used, as is the potential range of solutions.

EMC sues startup for stealing trade secrets through staff hires
In a complaint in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts, EMC has alleged that "dozens of former EMC employees have joined Pure Storage and stolen tens of thousands of pages of proprietary, highly confidential and competitively sensitive EMC materials," in violation of their employee agreements. Many of them broke their agreements with EMC by inducing team members to join Pure Storage, it added.

The business case for information governance management and strategy
The value of governed information is measured by the confidence with which business decisions can be made when relying on that information. We have developed case studies that allow companies to measure all of the hidden costs of securing complete, authentic and validated information. Those costs become new targets that investments in information governance management can successfully attack.

Intel Is Under New Management – And It Shows
Intel saw the unattractive margins offered by ARM processors and didn’t want to commit the billions of dollars required by a fab (a chip manufacturing plant) for a product that would yield profits that were well below Wall Street expectations. The prospect of bargain basement margins undoubtedly figured in Otellini’s decision to say no to the iPhone. In 2006, no one could have predicted that it could have been made up in volume, that there would be a billion smartphone sales in 2014.

5 Signs Your Leadership Style Is Outdated
The most effective leaders know they must continually reinvent themselves. Most leaders don’t. They remain satisfied with the status quo and attempt to use the same style and approach – regardless of the individual employees and /or the organization they serve. This is why they find it difficult to create and sustain momentum in their work and careers. Rather than find ways to be proactive, they find themselves just floating along and afraid to rock the boat.

How To Develop a Big Data Strategy to Outperform Your Competitors
The challenge organisations will face in the coming years is how to become information-centric organisations that make decisions based on massive amounts of data that are collected in real time. Although the number of organisations currently taking full advantage of Big Data is still small, this will change in the future. The result will be that all companies, including the SMEs, will be able to take full advantage of the benefits of Big Data regardless of their industry or location.

Gartner Says Smartglasses Will Bring Innovation to Workplace Efficiency
Smartglasses are expected to have the most impact on heavy industry, such as manufacturing, and oil and gas, because the AR glasses enable on-the-job training of workers in how to fix equipment and perform manufacturing tasks. The impact is likely to be medium for mixed industries, such as retail, consumer packaged goods and healthcare, where the benefits may mostly be looking for information via a visual search.

Quote for the day:

"Peace is liberty in tranquility." -- Marcus Tullius Cicero

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