November 04, 2013

The Integration of Agile and the Project Management Office
It would be incorrect to claim that Agile is simply a looser, less disciplined way of running projects. In fact, on the program level, Agile teams are even more tightly controlled since the progress of one or more projects is monitored and actively communicated in real-time. Unlike the traditional approaches in which reporting is done on perhaps a monthly basis, Agile reporting is in fact continuous and runs in tandem with the six defined levels of Agile planning.

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) : Part 1
SSAS uses both client and server components to provide OLAP and data mining functionality: The Server component is implemented as a Microsoft Windows service. SSAS supports multiple instances on the same computer, so each instance is implemented as a separate instance of a Windows service; Clients communicate with analysis services using XMLA (XML for Analysis), a SOAP-based protocol for issuing commands and receiving responses, exposed as a web service.

Microsoft and Apple unleash thermonuclear war on Google and Android
The lawsuit charges the companies with a number of patent infringements, the most damaging of which may be that Google infringes patents by matching search terms to relevant advertising on mobile devices. This could have a huge effect on Google because the company's game plan with Android relies on giving away the operating system in order to make money via advertising.

Top 5 tips for using IBM Security Access Manager and Federated Identity Manager
"In this article I thought I’d take the time to summarize five of the most useful and frequently used tools of my trade. These are often references to content or advice that I’ve prepared in the past, but specifically content that I am finding re-use for all the time. Hopefully these tools and ideas are useful to both experienced and novice users of our access management and federation products, and if nothing else this article can serve to remind you they exist, and help you find them again."

SaaS & Agile Development: Made for Each Other
SaaS and agile also work together to deliver software updates in a timely manner, a process called "continuous deployment." Agile development in the cloud was discussed this month at a user conference in San Jose, Calif., hosted by Electric Cloud, which offers an agile development platform that is itself cloud-delivered. In attendance were customers such as General Motors, Qualcomm, Cisco Systems, and General Electric, but also smaller, less household-name companies.

CMOs Must Expand Their Tech Skills in the Digital Marketing Era
The balance of power in the C-suite (at least as measured by dollars spent on IT) is shifting. Where once the CIO held most of the purchasing power and the decision-making capability to determine which technology investments would drive business forward, the CMO is poised to take a much more strategic role in a data-driven business climate.

Rock your data with SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) – POC Experiences
In this blog post we will have a more detailed look on the POC experiences I made with PDW v2 and also with PDW v1. Since these POCs are under NDA I’m not allowed to tell anything about my customer or the customer background. I will purely focus on the results, which are impressive enough ... We used a SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse with 8 compute nodes. The ETL Server had 24 Cores, 96 GB of RAM and was connected to the PDW via Infiniband and Ethernet.

9 reasons why your security leader needs a hug
Security is difficult, and security people are unique. They have a different way of looking at things. We try to get away from ‘techno garble,’ which isn’t important to the business. The business needs it in black and white, no theoretical things. ... At the end of the day many of the reasons why working in security is so challenging are also why it’s so rewarding and why the community is so close. There is no expectation that any battle will ever be done. There will always be a thin line that must be held between us and them.

A Cautionary Tale of Data Governance
The financial cost was huge; all of the products had to be scrapped (their contents could not be repackaged without quality concerns), but it didn’t stop there. Advertising slots booked across print, television, radio and online media were cancelled, but refunds were few and far between. Retail customers were even less forgiving; failing to meet agreed trade promotion commitments resulted in extensive commercial penalties.

The Role of Gamification in the Contact Center and Back Office
Gamification is quickly becoming recognized as a strategic means to impact contact center and back office performance. While it may seem quite simple, it is, in fact, a practice that requires a significant amount of planning, so having a strategy is critical. Another important element is technology; real-time guidance and 360-degree customer views enable a wide variety of gamification scenarios. Finally, it's critical to gain employee buy-in and socialize your gamification plan internally to ensure success.

Quote for the day:

"High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation." -- Charles Kettering

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