November 16, 2013

Big Data Has A Trust Problem
One of the report's most interesting findings is that a "trust gap" exists within organizations. According to Kathy Reece, a business analytics leader at IBM Global Business Services, and one of the authors of the study, less than 47 percent of leaders surveyed report a "strong level of trust" between IT and business departments. And when it comes to the C-Suite, the trust gap is even worse: Just 40 percent of respondents feel a strong sense of trust between executives at their firm.

Splunk and Ford Test Drive Open Data Development in Connected Cars
"The Connected Car Dashboards give a glimpse into a promising future in which data could transform vehicle and driver safety as well as design, productivity and other areas of the automotive industry," said Christy Wilson, vice president of product operations, Splunk. "Splunk's mission is to make machine data more accessible, valuable and usable to everyone, and Splunk4Good extends those goals by using data to make a difference. Splunk is thrilled to be working with Ford to help usher in an open data movement in the automotive industry."

Gartner Says the Natural Life Cycle of a Technology-Driven Company Is Under 10 Years
“To compete in this environment business leaders must destroy and rebuild the very businesses they helped create,” said Mr. Prentice. “Nokia’s metamorphosis is an example of embracing the concept of destruction and reinvention, while the current business model still remains successful. The divestiture of IBM Personal Systems Group to Lenovo and subsequent changes of company’s focus is another example. Apple is another company which almost came to extinction several times over its life, and then dominated the next technology wave through significant changes to its operations.”

How to survive in the cloud storage market
The large providers share the same blind spots that plague the component makers of any market: poor end-user support, zero customization, minimum feature sets, minimal to no service-level agreements, or abysmally complex billing and provisioning systems. The opportunities in cloud lie in value-add. There is a rich ecosystem forming above the so-called raw cloud service providers, and there is plenty of opportunity there.

Statistical analysis made easy in Python with SciPy and pandas DataFrames
The majority of data analysis in Python can be performed with the SciPy module. SciPy provides a plethora of statistical functions and tests that will handle the majority of your analytical needs. ... The pandas module provides powerful, efficient, R-like DataFrame objects capable of calculating statistics en masse on the entire DataFrame. DataFrames are useful for when you need to compute statistics over multiple replicate runs.

A Recipe for the Internet of Things
Seemingly every day a new story pops up about the Internet of Things, as new devices and wearables are launched into the market, and large enterprises contemplate the possibilities of a connected world. I’ve spent quite a bit of time discussing the requirements for taking advantage of these capabilities with organizations ranging from automobile manufacturers, to consumer electronics manufacturers, to industrial manufacturers, to city governments.

Open Source: A Platform for Innovation
The beauty of open source is that it’s a huge ecosystem of innovators who are no longer competing for scarce resources but rather sharing knowledge with others to create new resources and opportunities for others to benefit from these resources. The programs that have been developed in the open source software community are enablers for researchers to more effectively analyze the data in their endeavors regardless of their application. The software and hardware developed by open source can have applications beyond the data center.

EMC finally gets into the all-flash game with first XtremIO units
The initial XtremeIO SKUS are 10TB boxes, with capacity to double in the first quarter of next year, according to EMC. Basically this is the technology EMC purchased with XtremIO but with added linkages back into the rest of its product stable with “integration points” to vPlex, PowerPath, vBlocks and Secure Remote Systems and VMware vCenter (via plugins).

The strange life, death and rebirth of the CIO and what it means for the future of IT
CIOs now face a series of contradictory demands, according to Lee Weldon, research director at analyst Gartner. After years of being asked to increase efficiency and reduce costs thanks to a tough economic climate, they're also being asked to come up with new ways of using technology to create new business opportunities: "The CIO is getting hit with these conflicting expectations. That's a real pressure that they are feeling," says Weldon.

Virtualization security dynamics get old
Frankly, the ability to provide risk-driven and well-adjusted security and compliance capabilities in virtualized environments has a lot to do with a reasoned understanding of the applications and information we need to protect. That entails appropriately factoring in threat models and business impact; adjusting architecture and approach; and aligning operational and technical implications. Virtualization and cloud are simply operational and deployment variables which factor into these equations.

Quote for the day:

"When nobody around you measures up, it's time to check your yardstick." -- Bill Lemly

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