November 26, 2013

Simplifying Asynchronous Code With Scala Async
Ever wished the compiler could make asynchronous programming easier? Enter Scala Async. Do asynchronous I/O like "normal" blocking I/O, program with Futures and Promises even more naturally! Scala Async makes it possible to "suspend" at arbitrary points in a block of regular Scala code, and to "resume" from that point later--all without blocking.

Former VMware CIO talks top data threats
As the former CIO of Symantec Corp. and VMware Inc., Mark Egan has seen his share of data threats and how quickly these threats morph. Take cloud and virtualization, two areas CIOs dubbed cringe-worthy in terms of security a few years ago. No more, given the maturity of the vendors' own security controls -- albeit because of customer demand for better data security and privacy, he explained.

Open router project launched to improve network privacy
The fact that it's running open-source software on an open hardware design adds trust, with fewer ways for the device to be compromised. But it does mean that another variant of Tor is being created, and another distribution of the Linux operating system — albeit a minor one. While code updates can and perhaps should be automated, it does represent another place where things have the potential to go wrong. Bugs love the crevices between modules.

Q-and-A with Bill Swanson, global CFO and North America CEO, Cartridge World
CEOs are thought of as visionaries. They are paid to think big and seek innovation, constantly looking for ways to drive business, improve perception of the brand and develop new revenue streams. In contrast, a CFO is more engaged in the current realities of the business and must counterbalance these often grandiose ideas with a more cautious fiscal outlook. That balance is important, and we simply couldn’t afford to lose it at Cartridge World.

What the smartwatch says about our mobile ecosystem
A smartwatch is not a stand-alone device. It generally coexists smartphones and tablets and is dependent upon that connection for true mobile productivity to take effect. As Jeff Kagan with CNN put it: “The smartwatch will be your remote control for your smart phone. And your smart phone will be your remote control for your life.”

A CIO Survival Guide to Saying No
Developing the art of polite refusal--especially when declining a request from a fellow business executive--is a CIO leadership skill of the highest order. It speaks to your personal reputation for inspiring trust, building relationships and communicating honestly. "Veteran CIOs find that by using tools such as skillful conversation, deep governance and sense-and-respond intelligence, denial doesn't have to kill a career," Kim S. Nash writes.

Forrester to security leaders: Embrace continuous improvement
Security leaders can choose from a slew of CI programs out there designed to improve the quality of products and services or efficiency of processes, such as Six Sigma, kaizen and kieffer. CI initiatives for data security and privacy can help drive deep process, cultural and behavioral change within the organization by: 1) establishing key processes to embed security and privacy mindfulness; 2) creating a culture of importance and respect for data security and privacy; and 3) empowering security teams to stop data exfiltration.

10 things we learned - or didn't -- from Cisco's Insieme launch
Cisco's introduction of the Insieme Networks product line and strategy was the most anticipated networking announcement in almost two years. It represents Cisco's response to the software-defined networking trend pervading the industry, and threatening Cisco's dominance and profits. While not a watershed moment – Insieme didn't change Cisco's modus operandii, as explained below -- Insieme is nonetheless one of the most important events and product introductions in Cisco's history.

Contrasting Backbone and Angular
In this article the author goes down the list of the things we have to deal with day to day when building web applications, and show how Backbone and Angular can help with each of them. ... Most of the things we do as web developers fall into one of the following categories: Implementing business logic; Constructing the DOM; Implementing view logic (declarative and imperative); Syncing up the model and view; Managing complex UI interactions; Managing state and routing and Creating and wiring up components

BYOD Programs: A 10-Point Checklist for a Successful Strategy
BYOD is an approach that allows employees, business partners and others to use personally selected and purchased client devices to execute enterprise applications and access data. It typically spans smartphones and tablets, but the strategy may also be used for PCs, including netbooks, notebooks or other portable connected devices. "BYOD strategies are the most radical change to the economics and the culture of client computing in business in decades," said David Willis, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner.

Quote for the day:

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” -- Warren G. Bennis

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