November 15, 2013

Rackspace: Biggest cloud risk for CIOs is being blind to potential
"I'll bet you, the first thing they wouldn't have thought of is 'wow this gives me lighting, what can I do with lighting?' That's a game changer but they wouldn't have seen it initially." CIOs will need to challenge themselves by constantly asking what they were not seeing today that might be made possible with the technology, noted Perkins, who is also Rackspace's director of technology and products for Asia-Pacific.

The essential value of EA
As the blueprint of the enterprise, the value of EA would be calculated at stakeholders, the users of EA. In fact, the value of any product stems from its usage. Hence, there is no value in EA if there is no proper EA or no stakeholder to employ it. A such beware that the cost of EA could be much greater than the value  returned. But there is plenty of value if all stakeholders in the enterprise use the EA to enhance their own work.

The New Best-Practices of a High-Impact Learning Organization
Some key findings of the enduring research,The High-Impact Learning Organization are: First, the research shows very clearly that companies with High-Impact Learning Organizations outperform their peers. ... Second, the research shows a distinct shift away from a pure focus on "training programs" to a focus on "organizational capability development." ... Third, the research shows that the L&D industry needs reskilling itself.

What Optional Services Should you Consider to Support your SaaS Applications? (Part 2)
One of the limits to SaaS adoption is that they are stovepipes in and of themselves. For greater functionality, companies need to integrate Cloud SaaS applications together or with applications deployed in-house. For example, it would be very productive if, when a sales rep in a CRM system marks an opportunity as won, the order administration application automatically gathers the required data, schedules the order for production and alerts the financial systems. This is only possible if the applications have been integrated.

Panelists debate the use of “Big Data” in modern technology
The conversation became heated as the panel and the contributing audience members debated if the use of Big Data can do more harm than good to users. “Big Data gives insight into existing things that we have lying around. So as long as you have a data log of things people are doing on your website, it’s pretty powerful,” Garcia said. “The NSA wiretapping shocked many people, but as a consumer you should be aware that everything you’re doing is being tracked by someone, somewhere. That’s just the age we live in.”

November Update of Power Query Preview is Now Available
This is the most substantial update we’ve had in a while, and we are excited about bringing it to you – the theme on this blog a short while ago was Halloween, and we think of this as Christmas arriving early  The new features included in this month’s update range from new data sources to improved experiences and new capabilities for importing, reshaping, combining, managing or sharing your queries. Pretty much every product area has been improved this month, in one way or another. You can find more details below:

Is Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry PaaS viable?
Pivotal’s “secret sauce” is the ability to abstract out the differences within the underlying infrastructure in such a way that once the application is built and deployed, they can move between cloud providers. However, this comes at the price of being dependent upon Cloud Foundry itself, including current support from CenturyLink/Savvis, ActiveState, Tier 3, and other providers.

SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP: Memory Management for Memory-Optimized Tables
It is the responsibility of DBAs/Administrators to make sure resources are provisioned and managed appropriately to avoid such failures. SQL Server provides a rich set of monitoring tools, including DMVs, PerfMon and XEvents to help administrators identify problems earlier so that a corrective action can be taken. Similarly, for memory-optimized tables, SQL Server provides a rich set of monitoring capabilities and configuration options so that you can manage your database/instance well and keep your application running smoothly.

IBM big data portfolio adds operational pieces
While the high-profile Watson cognitive system and Smarter Cities projects help IBM showcase new styles of big data analytics, the company is also rolling out low-profile big data portfolio enhancements to better enable use of new data technologies in the enterprise. Some of these enhancements help data professionals protect the security of their big data assets.

Evaluation Criteria for Data Governance Tools
This list of evaluation criteria for data governance software tools will help you in your technology assessment. Sunil Soares, industry thought leader and founder and managing partner of Information Asset, LLC, compiled a list of 18 evaluation criteria for data governance software tools, which he presented at the recent MDM and Data Governance Summit in New York.

Quote for the day:

"There are winners, there are losers and there are people who have not yet learned how to win." -- Les Brown

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