November 27, 2013

Five Benefits to Becoming a Data-Driven CFO
In a data-driven business culture, the CFO will have the ability to align operational goals with management’s strategic agenda by utilizing predictive models based on historical data as a highly focused planning tool. Using data to drive decisions that impact present and future operations, CFOs cement their role in helping the business achieve cost savings and uncover new revenue opportunities. Understanding the correlations between financial data and operational data allows the CFO to maximize operating capital and cash flow; to anticipate areas or periods of slow-down and proactively manage company assets.

Putting Spark to Use: Fast In-Memory Computing for Your Big Data Applications
Spark’s ease-of-use comes from its general programming model, which does not constrain users to structure their applications into a bunch of map and reduce operations. Spark’s parallel programs look very much like sequential programs, which make them easier to develop and reason about. Finally, Spark allows users to easily combine batch, interactive, and streaming jobs in the same application. As a result, a Spark job can be up to 100x faster and requires writing 2-10x less code than an equivalent Hadoop job.

Take your app on the road, put it in a car
With all that said, the idea of extending existing apps into cars is a good one, and it would be nice if there were a common platform to allow app developers a single target to aim at. To that end, earlier this year, Ford open sourced AppLink to the GENIVI Alliance, which is a consortium of auto manufacturers and technology vendors looking to produce a Linux-based in-car infotainment system. But given the slow pace with which the auto industry moves compared to the technology industry, I wouldn't be expecting any Earth-shattering announcements anytime soon.

Facilitating Enterprise Cloud Adoption through Intelligent Policy Enforcement
What intelligent policy enforcement does for an organization is ensure that their security and compliance standards are adhered to at all times while also improving the work habits of users. As these policies evolve and grow over time, organizational efficiency rises with them, as users become more comfortable using the platform and its security requirements. Better access to the collaborative tools offered by the cloud translate into more productive employees, and over time the work environment itself becomes more flexible and responsive.

6 Ways Cloud Services Brokerage Makes IT-as-a-Service a Reality
More than 70% of IT executives want ITaaS, according to a 2012 IDG survey. However, they are held back from reaching this goal because they do not have sufficient tools and processes in place. Enter the Cloud Services Brokerage ... CSB gives back control to IT in six important ways, including centralized management and governance, centralized services procurement, interoperability among disparate services, data security, cost containment, and strategic planning through analytics and modeling.

E-book: IAM for the Real World: Simplifying Complexity
The historical approach to IAM involves piecing together “half solutions,” in hope that tomorrow’s solutions will address real-world needs. The e-book “IAM for the Real World: Simplifying Complexity” evaluates what IAM for the real world would, should and can look like. It delves into the most pressing IAM issues faced by virtually every organization and offers actionable, affordable and sustainable approaches to the IAM challenges you face. At Dell Software, we help you achieve your IAM objectives for your real world (not ours), in a way that moves you and your business towards your goals.

When it comes to storage, cache is king
If you like deep-diving into tech, and you’re interested in how flash is changing computing architecture, then you should read that paper. It deals with a whole stack of stuff that most people are just coming to terms with today, including whether flash memory should be thought of as a special part of main memory or as a special part of persistent storage. It also has some interesting perspectives on drive wear-out, and makes the case that an SSD will absorb more writes than a disk over its typical lifecycle.

The GRC maturity model and value proposition
To meet these ever-evolving and expanding needs, top-performing organizations have begun to combine Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) into an integrated set of standards, policies, guidelines, and procedures and tools that are in many respects similar to how we have historically integrated the disciplines of finance and accounting, or marketing and communications, or programming and testing.

Here's the one problem with wearables that we all need to fix
The only frustration with the Pebble is that I keep forgetting to charge it. But at least I actually strap it onto me. Not so much with the Fitbit, which just has to live in one of my pockets. It's so small and light that it's easy to lose. If my keys fell out of my pocket, I'd notice that. If my Fitbit did -- no chance. Case in point, it might be the case that you sit down in McDonalds with a Fitbit, smartphone, keys, and wallet, and then you get home you discover that you no longer have a Fitbit.

All You Need To Know About Botnets
Botnets are exploited for various purposes,including denial-of-service attacks, creation or misuse of SMTP mail relays for spam (see Spambot), click fraud, mining bitcoins, spamdexing, and the theft of application serial numbers, login IDs, and financial informationsuch as credit card numbers. The botnet controller community features a constant and continuous struggle over who has the most bots, the highest overall bandwidth, and the most “high-quality” infected machines, like university, corporate, and even government machines.

Quote for the day:

"Success...My nomination for the single most important ingredient is energy well directed."- Louis Lundborg

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