November 18, 2013

Is DaaS the Next Step to Simplifying Enterprise IT?
"As we centralise end-user computing environment in data centres and make it accessible to end-users over a private cloud, we are actually paving the way for adoption of desktop as a service to end users,” emphasises Handa. Handa reiterates that fact that several IT services organisations are focusing on this domain of provisioning and supporting desktops as a service by assuring Application Delivery as a Service (AdaaS) model on a variety of end-user devices.

25 tips and tools to make Google Drive better
Google Drive is a lot of things. It's a cloud-based storage service, it's an online office suite, and it's the connective tissue that ties numerous Google services together. Don't be fooled, though, there's even more to Drive than meets the eye. With the right combination of tools, settings and know-how, you can turn Drive into a lean, mean, productivity machine -- one that's jam-packed with time-saving functionality and fine-tuned to work for you. Here are 25 ways to crank up the power and send Google Drive into overdrive.

Australian media companies survive digital threat, says Brightcove chief David Mendels
Australian media companies are becoming one of the world’s fast adapters of video services in response to digital disruption, says the chief executive of Brightcove, David Mendels. ... “We’ve got years of video being the most powerful communication medium for humans,” he says. “Everyone understands the power of video to tell a story is clear, and the opportunity is clear. People now expect news and entertainment content to be available on devices any time and anywhere, and companies to directly control engagement through the digital world.”

Free eBook with SQL Server performance tips and nuggets
The 45 Database Performance Tips eBook covers different tips to help you avoid code that saps performance, whether that’s the ‘gotchas’ to be aware of when using Object to Relational Mapping (ORM) tools, or what to be aware of for indexes, database design, and T-SQL. The eBook is also available to download with SQL Prompt from Red Gate. We often hear that it’s the productivity-boosting side of SQL Prompt that makes it useful for everyday coding.

How to Mobilize Your C-Suite for Big Data Analytics
The often-transformative nature of that change places serious demands on the top team. There’s no substitute for experienced hands who can apply institutional knowledge, navigate organizational hazards, make tough trade-offs, provide authority when decision rights conflict, and signal that the leadership is committed to a new analytics culture. In our experience, the concerted action that’s required falls into six categories. Leaders should take full measure of them before assigning responsibilities or creating roles.

Stratus asks if continuous availability possible in the cloud?
Some customers were hurt because they didn't consider where and how their workloads would failover to use other resources when a failure occurs. The key point LeClair wanted to get across is that customers should really thinking about the business requirements for each of their cloud workloads and where redundant hardware and software must be deployed to address potential outages.

IBM and Amazon are battling for an 'explosive' fed cloud market
"Agencies are moving much more aggressively to the cloud," said Alex Rossino, principal research analyst at Deltek, who called 2013 "the tipping point." He expects many agencies to use cloud-based infrastructure services, in particular. ... IBM this week said it had received a federal key security certification for its cloud offerings, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, better known as FedRAMP. Amazon has also achieved that designation.

Nobody’s in an ivory tower, and let’s figure this out together. Often in meetings, I will ask people when we’re discussing an idea, “What did the dissenter say?” The first time you do that, somebody might say, “Well, everybody’s on board.” Then I’ll say, “Well, you guys aren’t listening very well, because there’s always another point of view somewhere and you need to go back and find out what the dissenting point of view is.”

CISOs Need to Keep a Vigilant Eye on Eight Security Predictions in 2014
“Bypassing traditional defenses was raised to an art form by cybercriminals in 2013," said Charles Renert, vice president of security research for Websense. "In 2014, cyberattacks will be even more complex and diverse. While the general volume of advanced malware will decrease—we predict the volume of targeted attacks and data destruction incidents will increase. Organizations must up their security game as attackers continue to seek new ways to penetrate traditional defenses at every stage of the threat lifecycle."

SATA Express marries PCI-e, SATA for faster direct-attached storage
The SATA Express specification now recognizes PCI-e as a suitable storage interface for fast storage devices. Conventional drives will continue to use the server's standard SAS and SATA interface operated through the motherboard's South Bridge chip, while new, fast disk drives like SSD use SATA Express through the PCI-e interface. While this new option helps meet the performance and capacity demands of varied workloads, servers will need SATA Express capabilities and SFF-8639 multifunctional connectors to take advantage.

Quote for the day:

"The real leader has no need to lead - he is content to point the way." -- Henry Miller

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