November 20, 2013

Data centers run warmer in China, Hong Kong
According to a survey conducted by energy management vendor Enlogic Systems, over 85 percent of data center administrators in Greater China were comfortable running their site at 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Farenheit) and higher. This went against a common belief that lower temperatures were necessary to keep systems cool and running more efficiently, with less risks of downtime.

CIO tip: Learn how to present a risk-management plan to the board
Prima facie, it should be understood that the board does not manage risk, Caldwell said. "The board's role in risk management is to ensure there is an effective risk-management plan in place and that the management of the company is effectively implementing it," he said. "They have an oversight role." Any regulator who comes to meet with board members -- which is happening with increasing frequency in large enterprises, particularly in the financial services industry -- will ask questions targeted at figuring out whether the board is really involved in overseeing the risk-management plan.

How To Use Connectivity To Drive Product Innovation
In the world of product innovation, the buzzword of the day is “connected.” But there’s one place where products have yet to realize the full potential of connectivity: the home. We’re not talking about consumer electronics like phones, computers, tablets, and video games. We’re talking about the humble appliances that make our lives easier and our homes more comfortable, like coffee makers, toasters, and space heaters.

Cyber-Security Training a Top Priority for Industry, Government
Cyber-security professionals continue to enjoy strong demand and low unemployment, especially in the United States. The International Information Security System Certification Consortium, or (ISC)2, predicts that the rolls of U.S. cyber-security professionals will grow by 11 percent each year through 2020. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates the growth to be twice that.

Carriers reject kill switch for stolen smartphones
District Attorney George Gascon said Monday that AT&T Inc., Verizon Wireless, United States Cellular Corp., Sprint Corp. and T-Mobile US Inc. rebuffed Samsung's proposal to preload its phones with Absolute LoJack anti-theft software as a standard feature. The wireless industry says a kill switch isn't the answer because it could allow a hacker to disable someone's phone.

Hackers exploit JBoss vulnerability to compromise servers
Researchers from security firm Imperva have recently detected an increase in attacks against JBoss servers that used Micalizzi's exploit to install the original pwn.jsp shell, but also a more complex Web shell called JspSpy. Over 200 sites running on JBoss servers, including some that belong to governments and universities have been hacked and infected with these Web shell applications, said Barry Shteiman, director of security strategy at Imperva.

Yahoo CEO Mayer talks mobile strategy, design approach
The experience of actually working with the product is just as important as how it looks, Mayer said. "Companies can fall, quite frankly, too in love with design," she said. Mayer related a story about a friend whose startup failed in the dot-com boom. The company's employees wrote post-mortem white papers analyzing why the company had failed. Her friend's was titled, "Usable versus useful," she said.

Customer selects Cloudmeter to conduct Data Forensics
"Using Cloudmeter, I check all my custom conversion variables: the rate of views to a product detail page, the proportion of products being added to the cart from different areas of the site, and all my micro-cart conversions. I quickly see that there were no significant changes on cart additions, but that something seemed to go wrong for many customers on Cart Step 2, where they enter billing information."

What is endpoint security, and how do you shore up the weakest links?
What is endpoint security, and why should today's CIOs be taking note of their organization's weakest links? In this three-part webcast, SearchCIO-Midmarket editorial director Christina Torode speaks with Jack Gold, president and principal analyst at J. Gold Associates LLC, about the importance of mobile security. Here, in part one, Gold examines the various risk points that organizations small and large face.

What’s Next in Software Analytics
Software analytics (SA) brings the notion of business intelligence to the software industry through fact-based decision support systems. Today, SA primarily focuses on helping individual developers with mundane coding and bug-fixing decisions by mining developer-oriented repositories such as version control systems and bug trackers. For instance, we can automatically determine the risk-the "bugginess" - of a code change by mining the actual risk caused by prior changes

Quote for the day:

"Giving people self-confidence is by far the most important thing that I can do. Because then they will act." -- Jack Welch

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