November 28, 2013

Consumer cloud-based storage services force changes in security
The perceived superiority of consumer cloud-based storage services may reflect a lack of policy controls and not a difference in core functionality. For example, an internal document management system may have features such as device-independent access. It might seem less user-friendly because a user cannot simply provide a list of collaborator email addresses to share a folder with others.

How the cloud’s value proposition is changing
Since 2010 a new value proposition has taken shape — one that I feel truly realizes the full power and original intent of the modern cloud. Today, the value proposition of the cloud comes from the ability to connect disparate applications to form one seamless web of IT. In a 100 percent web environment, APIs from dozens of applications can be integrated to allow data to flow across systems.

Screen play thoughts: A speculative look at trends in video game addiction
Over the last decade there has been a significant increase in the number of scientific studies examining various aspects of video game addiction. This has resulted in a wide-ranging selection of review papers focusing on different aspects of the topic. These include general literature reviews of video game addiction, reviews of online (as opposed to offline) gaming addiction, reviews of the main methodological issues ...

Resurrecting the Failed Project - Part 2
Finally, we had a modified project kick-off meeting. Nothing big, nothing very formal. But it was a chance for us to once again discuss next steps, assumptions, risks, issues and lessons learned, and to review the project schedule so we all left on the same page and ready for the next phases and the next deliverables we would be focused on. This step is critical…because while it's not a formal kick-off meeting you have to remember you're dealing with an organisation that somehow decided to give your organisation a second chance.

To Strengthen Your Attention Span, Stop Overtaxing It
Top performance requires full focus, and sustaining focused attention consumes energy – more technically, your brain exhausts its fuel, glucose. Without rest, our brains grow more depleted. The signs of a brain running on empty include, for instance, distractedness, irritability, fatigue, and finding yourself checking Facebook when you should be doing your work.

XtremIO: What You Need to Know (Updated)
The controllers each have two 8Gb/s Fibre Channel ports, Two 10GbE iSCSI ports, two 40Gb/s Infiniband ports (for node communications) and one 1Gb/s management port. In terms of capacity, todays’s XtremIO solution scales from a single X-Brick with 10TB of capacity (7.5TB usable) to four X-Bricks of 30TB usable. A capacity increase is expected in 1Q2014 with double capacity SSDs offering up to 60TB in a single four-node cluster. Eight-node clusters are also being talked about, but I have no timescale for that.

WSO2 Big Data Story
WSO2’s Big Data Analytics platform captures business activity across multiple data formats and message channels, performs temporal complex event processing and map-reduce analytics, and presents relevant, real-time business alerts and dashboards to enable timely operational management and business planning. WSO2 Big Data Analytics Platform enables an API-centric architecture, enhances business visibility, Contextual Web, and helps build an adaptive business.

The Care and Feeding of Data Scientists
"I'm coaching them to make sure they're aligned with the company, but I'm not prescribing methodology," says Anne Robinson, director of supply chain strategy and analytics at Verizon Wireless. "Because if you want a high return on your analytical investment, allow them the freedom to explore." Robinson says good teams incorporate a mix of academic skills and applied experiences. Personal characteristics, such as the ability to make connections and express ideas well, are important in the corporate setting, managers say.

Researchers enable computers to teach themselves common sense
The program also is set up to enable a computer to make common sense associations, like buildings are vertical instead of lying on their sides, people eat food, and cars are found on roads. All the things that people take for granted, the computers now are learning without being told. "People don't always know how or what to teach computers," said Abhinav Shrivastava, a robotics Ph.D. student at CMU and a lead researcher on the program. "But humans are good at telling computers when they are wrong."

Bluelock CTO: Learn which benefits of IaaS matter most to customers
As competition in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) intensifies and more players enter the market, customers won't think twice about abandoning their current cloud provider if it disappoints them. Now more than ever, providers need to not only understand what enterprises are looking for in an IaaS provider, but they also need to know which benefits of IaaS resonate the most with customers.

Quote for the day:

"I am reminded how hollow the label of leadership sometimes is and how heroic followership can be." -- Warren Bennis

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