November 10, 2013

Gamification – don’t attempt to wear too many hats, (and avoid people who do)
One mistake is to take on people who claim to be expert across a number of areas but in the end are forsaking quality outcomes for a grab at revenue beyond their core skills. Equally, organisations who assume that internal capabilities will suffice are often left with off-the-shelf solutions that look and feel like generic attempts to win the audience over as they lack creative or technical spark.

Cisco Takes Fight to SDNs with Bold Insieme Launch
The Nexus 9000 switches can run in either standalone mode with merchant silicon, or ACI mode, with a combination of merchant and custom Cisco silicon. Merchant silicon on the Insieme Nexus 9000 switches will get you open source, OpenFlow and OpenDaylight controllers, and Cisco's onePK programmability, and other industry understood SDN-friendly hooks like decoupled control and data planes.

XBRL: How to Save a Good Idea from a Bad Implementation
However, the SEC’s XBRL adoption has been marred by the fact that the XBRL filings are not audited like the plain-text filings. As a result, investors and analysts consider the XBRL data to be more error-prone and less reliable than plain-text filings and so they still rely on the ordinary filings. Moreover, some users, such as investors and analysts, are hesitant to switch to XBRL because they lack easy-to-use analysis tools for the data, and they do not want to incur the costs of developing ad-hoc technical solutions

Linking business processes to cloud services and mobile enable them
In the new style of IT I talked about several times already, cloud is only one component of the current IT revolution. The use of mobile devices is another. Increasingly users want to address their information from a tablet or mobile phone. They download applications for that purpose and expect them to deliver all required functions. So, the real question is how we get mobile applications interacting with cloud based services. Rather than talking theory here, let me use an example to illustrate what that means and how it works.

Demand for data experts to double by 2017, say analysts SAS
“The challenge that we are facing is that six out of 10 companies last year had problems hiring the technical skills they needed,” said Karen Price, CEO of e-skills UK. As part of the study, E-skills UK analysed data from IT Jobs Watch to identify the top big data roles and skills that were in demand, splitting them into IT-focused roles and data-focused roles. It found that the top five IT roles in demand were developer, architect, consultant, analyst and administrator.

SQL to Hadoop and back again, Part 1: Basic data interchange techniques
In this series of articles, we'll look at a range of different methods for integration between Apache Hadoop and traditional SQL databases, including simple data exchange methods, live data sharing and exchange between the two systems, and the use of SQL-based layers on top of Apache Hadoop, including HBase and Hive, to act as the method of integration. Here in Part 1, we examine some of the basic architectural aspects of exchanging information and the basic techniques for performing data interchange.

Application Services Meet Up with SDN in the Cloud
F5 Networks, a major vendor of application delivery systems, has created a new architecture to make it easier to provide those services in the age of virtualization and clouds. The Synthesis architecture is based on F5's already shipping BIG-IP hardware and software and its BIG-IQ management system. It makes them easier to license and deploy for applications that may run in an enterprise data center, a public cloud, or both.

What’s the Problem with Mobile HTML5?
Many developers consider performance as HTML5’s main problem, but interviewing a number experts in the field the authors of the report consider it as a false target because performance is automatically improving by new generations of hardware, better JavaScript compilers, the option of using Asm.js, etc.. The main culprit in their opinion has to do with politics, more exactly the fact that the major browser vendors are also mobile OS vendors, interested in channeling applications through their respective app stores.

Why IT Project Governance Is Flawed - And How to Fix It
Enterprise IT projects are massive undertakings for a company, and with every large-scale project, there is inherent risk at many stages. In the current recession, many companies are reluctant to incur risk, which could cost the enterprise millions, even if the successful end-goal is a better, more integrated enterprise system. However, avoiding the enterprise IT project doesn’t eliminate risk; in fact, a well-managed IT project can save companies millions in costs and generate millions in revenues.

Testing professionals: Soft skills are key to success
Competence is the ability to do the right things. Confidence is the belief that the things one does are right. In some jobs, competence may be enough. But when it comes to software quality, Hoffman said, test professionals also need to be confident about the decisions they make. Unfortunately, people usually can't build their own confidence. "I can't see my work with my own eyes," Hoffman pointed out, "because I'm always stuck behind them."

Quote for the day:

"The most successful business people hold onto the old just as long as it's good & grab the new just as soon as it's better" -- Lee Iacocca

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