November 09, 2013

Saving enterprise-architecture from itself – 2: Personal background
In short, it’s a mess. I’ve written about it extensively, here on this blog and elsewhere, and I won’t bother to go into old ground here: suffice it to say that, in my opinion, the only useful we can do now with all of this IT-centric so-called-’EA’ junk is to strip it right back to the roots, and start again from scratch – it really is that bad. If we don’t do that, they will, increasingly, become far more of a hindrance than a help, for any form of EA – even more of a hindrance than they are already

Webservice Security Standards
SOA adoption is on the rise and Webservices is predominantly used for its implementation. Webservice messages are sent across the network in an XML format defined by the W3C SOAP specification. Webservices have come a long way and has sufficiently matured to offer the required tenets especially on the security domain. In this blog let us have a quick look at the available standards with respect to the security dimensions and look at how the related security requirements are addressed.

Big GRC: Turning Data into Actionable GRC Intelligence
GRC big data clearly allows the organization access to and management over a huge amount of often very sensitive information that although can help create a more risk intelligent organization, also presents numerous data governance challenges, including regulatory compliance and information security. In addition to client and regulatory demands over better information security and data protection the sheer amount of information organizations deal with the need to quickly access, classify, protect and manage that information can quickly become a key issue from a legal, as well as technical or operational standpoint.

Why Converged Communications?
From a business perspective, streamlining is also a benefit, however it is often viewed more in terms of reduced costs (due to the integration of support services) rather than the greater convenience of the support team. The cost savings go much further. Converged communications encourage a greater degree of efficiency which translates into time savings and also resource savings.

Payment card industry gets updated security standard with new requirements
The PCI Security Standards Council released version 3.0 of the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and corresponding Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS), adding new security requirements and guidance for payment-card industry organizations, including merchants, payment processors, financial institutions and service providers. The new version will go into effect on Jan. 1, but organizations will have until Dec. 31, 2014, to make the transition from PCI DSS 2.0.

How to solve operational BI problems with SOA middleware
In traditional BI, the focus is often on setting up a big data warehouse to answer any question. Operational BI, however, is about finding an answer to a specific business problem, usually for a nontechnical user. This means you don't give an analyst a tool to try out. You have to think about giving the nontechnical worker an answer, and make sure that answer is relevant and worth giving as a response on a regular basis.

MDM, MAM in the Top Enterprise Mobility Priorities among ITDMs
Of the organizations surveyed, approximately half have implemented technologies to support mobile devices, with 48 per cent using mobile device management (MDM) and 47 per cent using mobile application management (MAM). Organizations are also recognizing the need to provide Windows apps and desktop to mobile workers, with 41 per cent of businesses using or planning to use application virtualization and 40 per cent leveraging desktop virtualization.

Career advice: Where to focus? Data, data, data
While much energy and focus is put on systems development, if the systems don't operate and run effectively, they will ultimately not deliver the value needed. Since IT systems are now very integral to the core operations of many businesses, the importance of having skilled operators has grown. The best way to stay up to date on regulations that affect IT operations is to meet with other people in your company who are involved with these regulations -- representatives from legal, human resources, internal audit and risk management.

The State of Location Analytics: Ventana Research
Ventana Research’s benchmark research on trends in location analytics show growing enterprise needs for location services and a signification challenge in analyzing information in location context. Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer of Ventana Research, shares insights from the report, “Ventana Research Business Trends in Location Analytics Benchmark Research – September 2013.”

JavaFX beats Swing: Changing RIA development platform
The change agent was Rob Terpilowski, Lynden applications architect, who chose JavaFX for its more advanced graphical user interface tools. In this SearchSOA video interview, Terpilowski described the selection process and the challenges, including a steep learning curve that came up during the Swing-to-Java migration. Terpilowski spoke about the pros and cons of JavaFX in a session at JavaOne 2013 in San Francisco.

Quote for the day:

“If we did all the things we were capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” -- Thomas A. Edison

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