July 24, 2013

Building Scalable Applications in .NET: Introducing the FatDB Distributed Computing Platform
Even today, it’s common to find many disparate technologies duct-taped together into a byzantine edifice that tends to be brittle, slow and overly complicated. The current explosion of new Cloud-, PaaS- and NoSQL-related technologies than can handle many of these shortcomings is no coincidence; the blunt reality is that “doing it right” and meeting the needs of stakeholders is hard and requires abandoning old patterns and adopting new ways of thinking.

Comparing Windows Defender in Windows 8 vs. third-party malware tools
But users should be aware that the Windows Defender that ships with Windows 8 is not the same Windows Defender available to previous Windows versions. The original Windows Defender is an anti-spyware app users can download for free. Windows 8 Defender is essentially a rebranding of Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), an antivirus program also available for free for earlier Windows versions.

FDA asks hackers to expose holes in medical devices, but many researchers fear CFAA & jail
Black Hat USA, which normally has 80-90 talks, will feature a record-breaking number of 110 talks this year. SC Magazine wrote about how the fear of being sued or worse—going to prison—makes some security researchers edgy about disclosing vulnerabilities. And every year after Black Hat and Def Con, some red-faced company whose product was hacked will point fingers and make nasty accusations

Time and Distance Enemies of Agile Project Management
With physical distance comes increased opportunity for misunderstanding or delayed communications. Even if team members are just on a different floor of the building, you need more checkpoints and redundant communications to keep everyone in sync. ... The project isn't that important, doesn't have the right team members, serves as a political football, has goals that are a moving target or has simply been ill-conceived

Who Can Get Your Data Operations Up to Speed?
“Your ability to hire somebody for that role requires you to have a rather mature and robust organization, otherwise I think it’s always going to be the CIO’s ultimate responsibility,” says Manley. “And for me, the chief data officer is still somebody reporting to the CIO, somebody still a part of the technology organization. ... very, very large insurance businesses, what they’re doing as a result of the wild and uncontrollable nature of data that has grown in a 100-year-old organization, is a bit different, since I started from scratch.”

NTSB calls for wireless technology to let all vehicles 'talk' to each other
The board recommended that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration develop standards for "connected-vehicle technology" — wireless components that would let vehicles communicate on the road. ... With those standards in place, "NHTSA can then require this technology to be installed on all highway vehicles," Deborah Hersman, chairman of the NTSB, said at the board's meeting Tuesday. "This technology more than anything else holds great promise to protect lives and prevent injuries."

CIOs and the chief data officer: Who's the pioneer and who's the settler?
"[CIOs] have enormous portfolios to manage -- everything from data centers, cloud, desktop support, mobile; but the reality is that the business is trying to deal with being part of an integrated information economy," Casey said. "For organizations trying to be more competitive … folks can't wait for IT to keep up anymore."

The 4 Blind Spots That Could Lead to Failure
Blinders are also used by small-business owners, but they shouldn't be. Typically, business owners want to concentrate on sales, expenses and employees—and are "blind" to other things happening around them. They believe almost every problem can be solved with more sales, more productive employees and fewer expenses. In business, what you don’t see is often what hurts your business the most. I liken it to getting hit in the back of your head with a 2x4. You never see it coming.

Is Your Organization Ready for Total Digitization?
How are enterprises managing the spread and scope of total digitization? We at MIT CISR have found that enterprises are using one or more of three approaches to managing total digitization: convergence, coordination, or a separate digital innovation stacks approach. Each approach has very different objectives and measures of success.

WebLogic + Coherence + Tuxedo = Cloud Application Foundation
Cloud Application Foundation has been optimized to run on Oracle's Exalogic Elastic Cloud appliance for private cloud deployments, and can also run on public clouds, like the Oracle Java Cloud service. It comes with a new integrated management framework (install, update, patch and provisioning) for WebLogic Server, Coherence and Oracle Web Tier.

Quote for the day:

"The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen. " -- Lee Iacocca

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