July 02, 2013

10 open source projects that are leading innovation
There are thousands upon thousands of open source projects that bring about innovation. Some do so on a small scale, while others are thinking massive and global. Of the hundreds of thousands of open source projects out there, Jack Wallen comes up with a list of 10 that are leading innovation in the world of technology.

McAfee Study Reveals Abuse of Mobile App Permissions
“Most consumers don’t understand or even worry about the app permissions they agree to,” said Luis Blando, vice president of mobile product development at McAfee. “Because of that, cybercriminals are increasingly abusing app permissions as an efficient way to deliver mobile malware. Through these agreements mobile consumers are unwittingly putting their personal information into the hands of criminals disguised as ad networks, and opening up endless doors for scammers.”

How data could help solve international crime
"To understand the world, you need to make sense of the world, you need stories," explained Villa. "When you can do stories with data, you're much stronger. This is what we try to do and help society by these means." ... Villa noted violence against women is rampant in many countries, but there is a huge gap in the data because victims usually don't report these cases most of the time.

Enterprise APIs now populate path to shared services
The value of these patterns is found in the "very loose coupling between the client and the infrastructure side," Hammond continues. "That allows somebody like Netflix to build a Silverlight client for one device and an HTML client for another device, depending on the capabilities that are available on the client, and have these pieces independently move from the evolution of the infrastructure on the back end.

How to Define Your Professional Value
Part of the process of moving up or moving on involves a hefty amount of self-marketing, and it’s at this point where we attempt to share who we are and what we bring to the table that we often fall short. Whether it’s our online profiles or the summary section on our resumes too often, we resort to weasel word and jargon filled sentences that self-describe us as some kind of superficial super-beings with command over everything in the management and leadership universe.

Big data: Two truths and five myths
“All the time I come across people who tell me why they cannot do things. I don’t know about you but my job is to do things, not can’t do things. In reality, people hide behind the complexity,” Harris said. “If you use the communities, you can meet people who are doing the same stuff. It’s just about finding out how people are overcoming problems and what people are using the technology for,” he said.

Welcome to the Machine-Learning Algorithms
In the world of cloud computing, one such tedious task is troubleshooting. When a failure occurs, getting to the bottom of what happened can be a seriously challenging proposition. Enter, the machine-learning algorithms. A company called SumoLogic puts these algorithms to work – in conjunction with savvy humans, of course – to solve some of the bigger problems that face this new world of highly complex server farms. How does it all work? Check out this episode of InsideAnalysis to find out!

Data Breach--Plan a Counter Strike
“The bottom line is that unfortunately, no organisation is immune to a data breach in this day and age,” said Wade Baker, principal author of the DBIR series. “Today, we have the tools to combat cybercrime, but it’s really all about selecting the right ones and using them in the right way.” ... If you are a target of espionage, don’t underestimate the tenacity of your adversary. Nor should you underestimate the intelligence and tools at your disposal.

Encryption practices vary widely in the cloud, survey finds
Thirty-seven percent of respondents said their own organizations take steps to encrypt data as it’s transferred to and from the cloud service over the network. Thirty-one percent said they encrypted the data before transfer to the cloud. Eleven percent said the cloud provider encrypted their data in storage, while 11% of organizations handled the encryption process themselves in the cloud environment.

Two malware programs help each other stay on computers
Once Vobfus infects a computer, it downloads from a remote command-and-control server a program called Beebone, which is another kind of downloader that installs other malicious programs on a computer. The two work together, downloading variants of the other that are not immediately detected by antivirus products, Choi wrote. "This cyclical relationship between Beebone and Vobfus downloading each other is the reason why Vobfus may seem so resilient to antivirus products," Choi wrote.

Quote for the day:

"There are many truths of which the full meaning cannot be realized until personal experience had brought it home." -- John Stuart Mill

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