July 14, 2013

The Software Defined Data Center Meets Disaster Recovery
The typical multi-site SDDR deployment normally takes about an hour to install and configure, is done remotely and includes testing sample failovers and failbacks. The SDDR concept allows for fast recovery – near-continuous data protection combined with non-disruptive DR testing allows for recovery time objectives of minutes instead of hours or days. There’s also no reliance on inefficient storage snapshots, whose associated delays in recovery can cause major performance issues.

Beijing’s Great Leap Forward
Beijing now is not just competent in software and gadgets. It has its own brands that are bound to lead in their own directions. It’s not inconceivable that one day Beijing will sit on top of the innovation pyramid alongside Silicon Valley, each producing global companies and creating new industries. “I’ve seen startup clusters all over the world,” says Steve Blank, an entrepreneur and business school professor who recently returned from a visit to China.

Intel Rolls Out Development Kit for KVM Tools
“This technology represents an evolutionary shift from the traditional KVM hardware-based control and management appliances to a virtual solution,” said Jennifer Koppy, Research Manager, IDC. “With the goal of creating more efficient and agile data centers, IT managers and CIOs are exploring datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions to manage and control IT infrastructure.

Turning Design Thinking to Design Doing
Written materials alone cannot capture all the nuances of design thinking because the approach involves a structured approach with a lot of unstructured elements. Design thinking, like jazz, requires an appreciation for improvisation; learning how to apply it is an experiential and social activity. Like learning to ride a bicycle, it is experiential. You cannot learn how just by having someone explain it to you—you have to actually try to do it yourself to find your own balance. You also need to practice to get better.

Disruptions: Design Rivals Technology in Importance
“We want to make the product emotional for the person using it, and that happens with the design of it,” said Stefan Olander, Nike’s vice president for digital sport, who worked on the wristband. “You have to create a visceral, emotive experience around the design, which is something everyone cares about.” ... As a result of the technology slipping into the background, Nike has become one of the most advanced companies for wearable computers.

Build Your Own Internet with Mobile Mesh Networking
“We’re trying to dramatically increase the usability and take this out of the geekosphere,” says Sascha Meinrath, the leader of a project called Commotion Wireless, which is developing several software packages that allow people to create mesh networks using low-cost Internet and networking hardware, primarily Wi-Fi routers.

NServiceBus 4.0 with support for RabbitMQ and ActiveMQ
NServiceBus is based on queued messaging and provides the building blocks for systems based on a service-oriented and event-driven architecture where services are publishing business events and other services are subscribing to these events, utilizing the publish/subscribe pattern and a queue based transport mechanism. NServiceBus is an open source product, available under a commercial license

The Psychology of Kindness in the Workplace
Organizational cultures can be team-oriented, which tend to have people who are aware of one another’s contributions, and cultures can be achievement-oriented. But these things are not opposite ends of the same continuum, so it’s absolutely possible and likely that achievement-oriented cultures that are also respectful and caring are the most successful.

Cisco ONE Enterprise Networks Architecture: Programmability for WAN Networks
Cisco ONE Enterprise Networks Architecture enables applications and services to be network-aware by abstracting away the network in the Control Layer and making advanced network analytics available to the applications. Applications and services can now be smart about the network conditions and deliver an optimal user experience, securely, while simplifying IT operations.

CIO as ‘Chief Process Officer’: Process Assessment and Modeling
The challenge that many organizations have is how they move from just managing a few processes to managing a portfolio of processes and change the management approach from function to process. The process assessment evaluates process design, publication, ownership, improvement etc. against each of processes in the architecture, Process management and Enterprise Architecture should always go hand-in-hand.

Quote for the day:

"One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation." -- Arthur Ashe

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