July 17, 2013

Agile software development methodologies and how to apply them
This article focus on how technology team work together well to plan, build and deliver software. It does not talk about code or not focus on specific technology or not only about Microsoft tools. Hope this will improve your professional life and the effectiveness of your team. ... The principles and values of agile software development were formed as a way to help teams to break the cycle of process inflation and mainly focus on simple techniques for achieving their goals.

Fix the 3 silent performance killers for IIS / ASP.NET apps
Watching for and fixing these 3 low-hanging issues could make a big difference in the performance of your ASP.NET application, with a minimal amount of work. ... the most direct way to improve performance is to proactively monitor it and periodically load test/profile it to address the actual bottlenecks in your code.

Mobile Leaks Make Banks Wary of 'Bring Your Own Device' Trend
"It's not clear whether the employer has a right to scan your phone; it's less clear whether or not the company can actually move your private records to a repository," says Larry Ponemon "Privacy issues haven't really been worked out or legislated as yet for employees. I can imagine a situation in which you have a whole bunch of photos, videos, and other things you cherish on your device. Now you lose the device, and IT implements a remote-wipe. That's a privacy issue."

Are you neglecting the Basics?
The term FLOW was first coined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi In his excellent Book Flow: the psychology of optimal experience he discusses the need for a tension between our level of Skill and Challenge. Too much challenge with not enough skill will lead to anxiety, stress and burn out. Too much skill with not enough challenge leads to boredom, complacency and apathy.

Worldwide IT outsourcing to reach $288 bn in 2013: Gartner
“We continue to see overall market growth being constrained by near-term market factors, such as evolving ITO delivery models, economic, political and labor conditions, and service provider financial performance," said Gartner, Research vice-president, Bryan Britz. Gartner's forecast includes slight upward revisions for both custom application outsourcing and infrastructure utility services (IUS) for 2014 through 2017.

Developing employees who aren’t “born leaders”
There is no better motivation to accomplish great things than loving what you do. Another way to shape employees into leaders is to talk to them about what they are passionate about and where they would like to see themselves, their department or the company. Allowing them to see projects through that will help accomplish that goal demonstrates your interest in their vision and that you value their input.

Seven steps to building an effective incident response program
An incident response program should be one of the strategic initiatives within the enterprise. Yet even after an organization experiences a breach, it doesn't get the attention it deserves. According to our most recent Forrester security survey, investments in incident response programs in 2011 and 2012, after a breach occurred, increased only five percentage points to 23% from 18%. In a shocking trend, 21% of organizations noted no changes resulting from a security breach.

Tips on becoming a transformational leader from CIO of the UN
Transformational leaders have a vision for future success, but paradoxically that vision is formed by being super-attuned to warning signs in the present. They understand that today's success will be tomorrow's failure if their organizations are not continuously innovating. They embrace disruption. "If you are not a risk-taker, and cannot take some calculated risk, you can't do your job," Riazi said.

The Social Banker v2.0
Risk is also a key concern for many organizations embarking on an internal collaboration strategy. And rightfully so: regardless of whether you are a bank dealing with customer data or a KPMG team working on a client’s financial report, caution must always be the default position when it comes to risk. It is critical, therefore, to enlist the legal and risk teams in the planning and development of any internal system from day one.

A CPU, a GPU, and a Data Center walk into a Bar
Fear of change will be a limiting factor to rapid adoption, but not as much as might be true for other layers of IT infrastructure. However, the unfortunate truth is that often we fail to make changes because we elect to accept functioning as the same thing as “working effectively”. As I describe in my “What is a “Working” Data Center” blog, running doesn’t mean efficiently and sustainably delivering appropriate functionality and performance.

Quote for the day:

"Learn to pause.... or nothing worthwhile will catch up to you." -- Doug King

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