July 20, 2013

Things CIOs need to know about Microsoft reorganisation
Last week's big Microsoft reorganisation should have caught exactly zero people by surprise. A couple of high-ranking executives departed, and departments were shifted so the senior leadership team can purportedly focus on engineering excellence and becoming more relevant across a spectrum of devices. But what does this mean for the CIO? What do Microsoft's internal machinations imply for its corporate customers?

Cyber drills like Quantum Dawn 2 vital to security in financial sector
"Cybersecurity is a top priority for the financial industry," Schimmeck noted. "This exercise gave participants the opportunity to run through their crisis response procedures, practice information sharing and refine their protocols relating to a systemic cyber attack." SIFMA will review the results of the cyber exercise with its members to identify areas for improvement, he said.

Is the Purpose of Analytics Just to Turn a Buck?
As a business analytics professional, it’s often too easy for me to think about analytics in the business context (i.e. how they can reduce costs, increase profits, speed time-to-market, improve employee productivity etc.) In fact, the mission for analytics can easily cross over from the land of shareholder value to safeguarding and improving the well-being and long term sustainability of other stakeholders.

EMC Avamar: High Performance Backup and Recovery For a Software-Defined Data Center
For CIOs, the data protection equation is rapidly becoming further complicated by a growing trend among corporate departments to store “copy data” as an internal way to deal with their own needs for local data backup, and protection. Propelling the data copy problem is a toxic brew that is one part fear of government regulations and compliance mandates on how companies function ...

In the online hunt for criminals, social media is the ultimate snitch
Nancy Kolb, the program director who oversees the center for social media at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), says there were certain forward-thinking police departments that started venturing into social networks as early adopters during the MySpace days, but this really took hold later. “It was around 2009, 2010, 2011, where we really saw an exponential increase and huge growth in terms of law enforcement agencies using social media.

The Changing Role of the IT Professional
SDN, however, is not the only factor driving change in the role of role of the network professional. The convergence of technology is also driving change. Many IT organizations have begun to implement systems that integrate compute, storage and networking. Typically these systems come with a management system that enables a single administrator to manage the entire system.

Four realities for the future of corporate IT
IT has always had an important role in driving productivity but traditional approaches such as process automation and outsourcing are running out of steam. ... CEB has surveyed tens of thousands of business leaders and frontline employees to understand the new work environment. The workplace has been reshaped by four realties. CEB’s data shows that the realities are near universal; they are not limited to desk-bound employees nor to the millennial generation.

The Value of Vision Series - An Interview With Doug Conant
Jesse Lyn Stoner shares the views of a leader who is not spouting theory, but who is speaking from his own personal experience - Doug Conant, newly appointed Non-Executive Chairman of Avon and the former President and CEO of Campbell Soup, where he led the company through a dramatic transformation, reversing the declining trend in earnings and employee engagement.

Banks big and small are embracing cloud computing
Big banks have generally migrated less of their activity to the cloud than newer, smaller ones. This is partly because of legacy systems, partly because of regulatory concerns about data security and privacy. But the pressure to reduce spending is likely to force the pace of change. ... One way of improving cost-income ratios is to lob activities into the cloud.

Quote for the day:

"Let a man lose everything else in the world but his enthusiasm and he will come through again to success." -- H. W. Arnold

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