July 23, 2013

Will CSOs become CROs in the future?
At a high level, the new responsibilities include understanding your company's risk profile and risk appetite and then mitigating the risks accordingly. Greg Thompson, vice president of enterprise security services and deputy CISO at Toronto s Scotia Bank, already sees his role evolving into something like head of operational risk management. Scotia is Canada's third largest bank.

Cisco: Multimode Small Cells Coming Early 2014
"The 3G and Wi-Fi pieces are mature," Mishra said. "The work we are doing is on LTE on the access side and core network infrastructure side. It's all available today with our packet core, so we can reuse that." As the company moves to multimode, it's still focusing on areas where network congestion is most acute, such as indoor venues.

F5 data center firewall aces performance test
The F5 firewall moved static objects over SSL at rates that met or exceeded the capacity of the Avalanche test tool, moving 10- and 512-kbyte objects at 17.288G and 20.919Gbps respectively. Both numbers are at least 1Gbps faster than those for the Avalanche tool running back to back with no firewall inline.

From evolution to revolution with the Internet of Things
The idea is that all of our devices will be able to communicate with each other to assist users in businesses in doing their jobs, with particular influence on hospitals and factories. But General Electric hijacking the conversation on the Internet of Things shouldn't hide the fact that this isn't a new idea, argues David, along with his guest, Adrian Bowles, founder and CEO at STORM Insights Inc.

How Criticism Creates Innovative Teams
When ideas are still being developed or decisions still being considered, criticism and constructive conflict are vital to testing the value of the ideas and helping increase that value. Conflict is an indicator that diverse viewpoints are being considered and that the competition for ideas is still ongoing. During this competition, ideas are strengthened through further research, consideration or through the blending of different ideas into one stronger concept.

CRM-Cloud Relationship Management
Michel van Woudenberg, Vice President, CRM, Oracle Asia Pacific, on CRM cloud is revolutionizing the customer space: "I think a lot of industries in India are actually quite in the forefront on adopting cloud in order to be differentiating towards their customers. I would say the government in India and BSFI, especially the public banks, are a bit behind compared to other regions in Asia Pacific."

750 million phones vulnerable to spying: Hack SIM card via tainted text to get root
Give this German cryptographer two minutes on a PC and he can send a send a secret text message that contains a “virus” to a mobile phone’s SIM card, and then basically get “root” and take over the phone. That text can allow him to eavesdrop, make purchases via mobile payment systems and otherwise “trick mobile phones into granting access to the device's location, SMS functions and allow changes to a person's voicemail number.”

User Defined Field
Usually the best option is to use a Serialized LOB, essentially creating a large text column into which you store the user-defined fields as a JSON or XML document. Many databases these days offer pretty nice support for this approach, including support for indexing and querying based on the data structure within the LOB. ... Another route is using some kind of attribute table. A table might look something like this.

5 Exciting Tech Companies You've Probably Never Heard Of
The new technologies that we usually hear about are from tech giants. On any given day, it seems that one of those companies steals the headlines. That’s a shame, because some of the most interesting companies are ones that rarely make headlines. They are often located in out of the way places or develop technologies behind the scenes, where their logo isn’t paraded in front of us on a daily basis. Nevertheless, they are important and do exciting work.

Why security metrics aren't helping prevent data loss
The survey appears to have found the disconnect --business speak versus IT speak. Business metrics that executives are familiar with tend to reflect strategic goals, prioritizing cost over less tangible security benefits. Where security metrics favor operational goals, and prioritize technical improvements over business contingencies.

Quote for the day:

"Absolute identity with one's cause is the first and great condition of successful leadership." -- Woodrow Wilson

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