July 25, 2013

Disruptive Solution Secures Data Anywhere, Anytime — Q&A with Ionic Security’s Chairman
Startup Ionic Security’s platform touches data at its inception as it’s being created, which gives enterprise business policy owners and security group managers the ability to control that data no matter where it ends up anywhere in the world, in real time, as it’s being accessed. Founder, CTO and chairman Adam Ghetti explains how this cutting-edge security solution works and the path of its development. 

Insights Ahead: The Rise of Analytics as a Service
The benefit AaaS delivers is agility and scalability. This is valuable, given that modern analytics is now effectively replacing the management reporting processes designed for an age of limited data that changed slowly. By contrast, executives now want to work with dynamic data that reflects real-time reality. AaaS can not only deal with that dynamic data but also adapt quickly to solve new problems as they emerge.

Choosing an open source software license for your development project
This is not a discussion about the pros and cons of OSS development, but it is a guide for those who currently develop in the open community and for those who wish to learn more about the various licensing options that are available for OSS. You will also want to consult with a legal expert before adopting any software license for your projects.

Cloud Computing for the CFO and the entire C-Suite
Executives responsible for customer care and support will get the IBM Watson Engagement Advisor, which uses cognitive computing to enable personalized customer conversations. The head of HR is targeted for the IBM SmartCloud for Social Business, which promises to find, analyze, source and acquire the best talent. Supply chain execs, chief procurement officers, the CFO, and even the CIO have been targeted.

Disaster is Coming. Are You Ready?
It doesn’t take a once-in-a-hundred-years kind of storm to trigger a power outage or disk failure. If you operate a small or mid-size business, now is the time to make sure you have the right continuity plans in place. There is good news: The emergence of cloud services now enables every business to have the kind of continuity plans that bigger companies routinely do.

How to Foster an IT Youth Movement
The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) IT Outreach Program aims to entice students of all ages and backgrounds to consider careers in IT. We showcase real uses of IT in a fun and energetic way. The JPL IT Petting Zoo began as a cost-effective way to evaluate emerging technologies and their viability for JPL.

Cloud's effects on data center design principles, locale
Cloud computing's influence on data center design principles is still emerging. Companies implementing a private cloud platform should have undergone rigorous application rationalization, hardware virtualization and consolidation exercises. This may have left them with around 20% to 40% of the original data center equipment

Microsoft to offer Java as a service
Microsoft will offer the Java Standard Edition (Java SE) by the end of the year both as a stand-alone PaaS (platform as a service) and as component of a Windows Server IaaS (infrastructure as a service), both on the Windows Azure service. For the Java runtime, Microsoft has commissioned Azul Systems to develop and maintain a version of the Java OpenJDK, the reference implementation of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and runtime for Java SE.

EMC backup changes planned around convergence, ViPR
The changes are part of a strategy to re-shape EMC's data protection technology. David Goulden, EMC president and chief operating officer, said the vendor has spent $5 billion over the last 10 years in backup acquisitions and research and development. Now it has four backup apps to go with its target deduplication Data Domain boxes.

Almost half of India Web users attacked by local malware
While these numbers are astonishing, the numbers are most likely even higher for mobile users, assuming users have mobile protection to begin with. The same types of exploitation for computers exists for mobile devices, but with even more opportunities, such as downloading and installing apps from places that are neither trusted nor verified sources.

Quote for the day:

"The measure of success isn't if you have a tough problem, but whether it's the same one you had last year." -- J.F. Dulles

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