July 27, 2013

Open-source project, Crypton, seeks to make encryption easier
"We wanted to develop more of a privacy platform that other developers and companies could use to integrate privacy in their applications without having to be cryptographers," Oberman said. "We want people to understand the power of privacy and understand it is not an interference and not an inhibitor to product development."

Integration on the Edge: Data Explosion & Next-Gen Integration
Today's "shadow IT" world - where every department seems to have the capability and desire to implement some form of IT infrastructure has resulted in a lot of developers driving the charge for Cloud adoption in organizations. Dave Linthicum rightly points out that the best approach is to start at the top.

New Onshore IT Outsourcing Centers Outnumber New Offshore Locations
Onshore centers can present unique challenges to service providers, including higher wages and overall cost of operations, reduced scalability, and--perhaps surprisingly--increased attrition rates. "Attrition in onshore locations for some transactional skills, such as basic applications development work or transaction processing, may be higher than offshore locations given availability of alternate career options in these locations, says Dani.

Top 7 Reasons Why SOAP and REST Interfaces Are Littered With Vulnerabilities
Unfortunately, their rapid rise in popularity also brings significant and damaging security vulnerabilities. Understanding how to provide web and mobile application security against these vulnerabilities is only one small step in the right direction. Developers face a number of challenges when it comes to building secure code. Let’s look at a few of them:

Ubuntu: One OS, one interface, all devices
As Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical and Ubuntu's founder said at OSCon, the major open-source convention held in Portland, OR, "Convergence is the core story. Each device is great, but they should be part of one family. On any device you'll know what you're doing. One device should be able to give you all the experiences you can get from any one of them."

6 wishes for SysAdmin Appreciation Day
Reportedly it's kind of a big deal in Russia. And why not? All long-suffering peoples deserve their own day of celebration. Mothers get flowers, chocolate, and breakfast in bed. Fathers get ties, power tools, and craft beer. Sysadmins get ... O'Reilly books? Energy drinks? Nerf guns? Actually, high-calorie foods top the list of traditional offerings. But maybe we can do a bit better this year. Maybe we can give sysadmins a voice and allow them to ask for what they really want.

Health Data Breach Trends: An Analysis
One thing that hasn't changed: The No. 1 cause of breaches continues to be lost or stolen unencrypted devices and media. It's amazing that so many breaches still involve unencrypted devices. The importance of encryption should top-of-mind by now, given all the publicity about breaches since 2009. But perhaps these continuing breaches are proof of just how difficult it is to manage mobile devices, especially as BYOD proliferates.

CIOs Issue Social Media Privacy Practices Guide
The guide, which explains privacy best practices for establishing a social media program, addresses various ways the federal government can use social media for information sharing, situational awareness and to support agency operations. ... The guidance warns against posting information collected about specific individuals, seeking to connect with other internal or external personal users, accepting other internal or external personal users' invitations to connect; or interact on social media.

Business and enterprise architecture - match made in heaven
Often business process management and associated discipline such as business architecture are seen or managed in isolation of the overarching enterprise architecture construct. However the business architecture and enterprise architecture complement each other well to get the best value from each other.

How to Build Reliable Systems
Mission-critical and enterprise-wide computer systems today are often very complex with many moving parts and even more interfaces between components; this presents special challenges even for expert configuration management engineers. These systems are getting more complex as the demand for features and rapid time to market provides unique issues that many technology professionals could not have envisioned even a few years ago.

Quote for the day:

"Patience accomplishes its object, while hurry speeds to its ruin." -- Saadi

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