July 13, 2013

Network functions virtualization: Another road to scalable networks
While some providers claim to be deploying one programmable networking concept over the other, SDN and NFV are still in their adolescence, and the terms can be used interchangeably, Bell said. "There is no difference," he said. "Some providers are trying to differentiate themselves by using one of the other, depending on what they have built.

Can Yahoo recycle your username -- and protect your data?
While the use-it-or-lose-it policy may be great for someone who's had to endure a clunky e-mail address like Mary4316594756139@yahoo and wants Mary@yahoo.com instead, it's raising some serious privacy and security concerns since e-mail addresses are linked to log-ins and password recovery on other sites. Casey said Yahoo is implementing a process to safeguard users' information and data that he described as "very, very foolproof."

The Assumption of Quality
“For crowd-sourced data, we’re assessing quality based on the first-order value rather than the immediate downstream usability. We’re not questioning the accuracy of Amazon’s assertion that customers who purchased X also purchased Y. Rather, we’re interested in the relevance of that information. In terms of knowledge management, I would describe this as broadening data quality to embrace information and knowledge quality.”

Ford Drives in the Right Direction with Big Data
For Ford, big data is nothing new; already in the 1990s they began with in-car analytics. In 2004 they created a self-learning neural network system for their Aston Martin DB9. This system was capable of keeping the engine functioning correctly and in optimized condition for the driving behaviour of the driver, adjusting alerts and performance accordingly. Since then, the culture of Ford has become data-driven, although selling the internal big data opportunities was more difficult than selling external big data opportunities.

The Shifting Buying Patterns of Cloud Service Adopters
IDC believes that by 2015, the three most important aspects of IT buying decisions will be the overall cost, internal management of cloud services, and identifying which applications to run on the cloud. Moreover, network latency of service delivery can lead to poor performance for users. Therefore, broader distribution of 1GbE-capable networks and development on new browser protocols – such as HTML5 -- are believed to be significant issues confronting cloud service providers and enterprise users.

5 things not to do when telecommuting
The benefits of having remote workers can be significant for both the employer and telecommuters. ... While a good telecommuting arrangement can be a good thing, it requires a lot of trust that the remote workers are focused on the job, even with personal things often getting in the way. These five things will go a long way toward building and keeping that employer/employee trust.

Leaders, Choose Your Words Wisely
What is a touchpoint? A touchpoint is an interaction with one other person, a couple of people, or a group that can last a couple of minutes, a couple of hours, or a couple of days. Those Touchpoints can be planned or spontaneous, casual or carefully choreographed. Every touchpoint is spring-loaded with possibilities. Each one can build — or break — a relationship.

Software Design Principles
Software design principles are a set of guidelines that helps us to avoid the bad design of a solution. The software designs helps to make a software well designed, well read and best maintainable. The design principles are associated to Robert Martin who gathered all the design principles in his book "Agile Software Development: Principles, patterns and practices ".

The Current and Future Performance of the Mobile Web
The two bottlenecks that Drew describes are CPU and memory. CPU-boundedness has two aspects: the power of your CPU and efficiency of execution. Drew points out that current generation x86 processors are ten times faster than current generation ARM processors which power today's mobile devices such as the iPhone and high-end Android devices.

Quote for the day:

"Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts" -- Rita Mae Brown

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