July 05, 2013

How to enact Apache security best practices for Web server security
The latest high-profile attack aimed at Apache was uncovered by researchers at security firms ESET and Sucuri. Attackers managed to work a backdoor into Apache that redirected Web traffic to malicious websites, where visitors would be infected by the Blackhole exploit kit. This attack underlined the need for organizations to enact Apache security best practices and highlighted the serious fallout that can be caused by insecure Apache Web servers.

The worst cloud outages of 2013 (so far)
As any cloud dweller knows, Web-based services can crash and burn just like any other type of technology. If the companies behind them are smart, you shouldn't lose any data in the long run -- but you'll likely lose a bit of sanity during the time the service is offline. While 2013's only halfway done, we've already seen some cringe-worthy cloud failures this year. Here are the worst -- so far.

6 ways to prevent mistakes that have cost others millions
Of all the obstacles standing in the way of a successful data center transformation, misinformation may be the most daunting. To help you separate the facts from the hype, the experts from HP Technology Consulting have created this informative guide. It’s designed to provide the immediate insight you need to make the right decisions about data center transformation—one of the most important IT issues you may ever face.

Why is Cloud Adoption Taking so Long?
A third reason is that you cannot “mix and match” cloud services from different providers. The market is consolidating, with a few key players emerging as dominant at the infrastructure and platform levels. Each of them has its own proprietary interfaces. There are no real vendor-neutral standards. ... Customers are beginning to talk of “vendor lock-in” in a way that we haven’t seen since the days of mainframes.

Examining Dimensions of Data Quality: Reasonability, Time and Access
Rational expectations, which are labeled “reasonable,” can also be documented as validity ranges, minimums, maximums and other basic business rules. ... At first glance one may think that Timeliness and Currency are the same concept, but that isn’t the case. Currency focuses on how up-to-date or how “fresh” data is, reflecting the real-world concept. Timeliness is related to how quickly a stakeholder can gain access to the data needed.

Brute-force cyberattacks against critical infrastructure, energy industry, intensify
The most common attack vectors against critical infrastructure sectors, according to the ICS-CERT report, were watering hole attacks, SQL injection, and spearphishing. Of the 200 cyberattacks so far (October 1, 2012–May 2013), 53% targeted the energy sector, followed by 17% targeting the manufacturing sector.

Will BYOD Give Rise to the Enterprise Genius Bar?
An enterprise Genius Bar is basically a walk-in center for employees to not only service their BYOD phones and tablets but also check out the latest gadgets on the market, receive tutorials on enterprise apps, and chat about where cool tech is heading. This doesn't mean that IT workers will have to wear Apple's trademark blue Genius shirts, but they will need retail people skills.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Seeks to Extend Reach With Higher Efficiency, Faster Data Rates
By delivering data and power over the same cabling system, installation costs can be reduced and ongoing maintenance simplified. Although it has already achieved significant market success, PoE adoption is beginning to be limited by its power efficiency and by the maximum power it can deliver. Presently, it is also restricted by the maximum-data-rate Ethernet version it supports.

Enterprise Governance & Knowledge
From an architecture perspective, enterprises are made of human agents, devices, and symbolic (aka information) systems. From a business perspective, processes combine three kinds of tasks: Authority; Execution and Control ... At its core, enterprise governance is about decision-making and on that basis the purpose of systems is to feed processes with the relevant information so that agents can be put it to use as knowledge.

Employees Can't Carry Out A Strategy If They Didn't Help Plan It
By involving your employees in your strategizing, you’re preserving and protecting your business’s success. For their response to be nimble, they need more than marching orders ... Employees should be included throughout the strategy development process, and there’s plenty of space to engage everyone in the company at an appropriate level.

Quote for the day:

"One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency." -- Arnold H. Glasow

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