July 07, 2013

Application awareness in cloud networking: Real or imagined?
One way to extend application awareness from the cloud data center to the cloud edge is to integrate application performance management tools and firewall capabilities with virtual networking at the branch or user side of the WAN. ... it's likely that edge devices will eventually become "cloud edge devices" that incorporate firewall, SDN and virtual networking features.

The Corporate Agile Journey – A Practical Viewpoint
In the “agile” world, failure is not exactly welcomed, but nor is it frowned upon. Instead, a “fail fast” mindset leads us to explore different ways of making something work until we find the right one. By its nature, this approach is not very intuitive or appealing to traditional executives who expect to see a firm plan in place at the outset. So once again we opt for the waterfall, with its well-structured delivery phases but sub-optimal delivery effectiveness.

2013 Enterprise Information Management Predictions Assessment
The start of each year spurs waves of forecasts and predictions of what’s to come in every industry. With technological evolutions and wide-ranging maturity levels, few markets are harder to pin down accurately than developments in enterprise information management. As we pass into the second half of 2013, we invited a few trusted analysts to revisit their start-of-the-year forecasts and tap into what has come to fruition as well as what remains up in the air.

Find those black swans, because they may find you first
There is no silver bullet for finding and utilising internal and external loss event data. However there is no excuse in 2013 to not take the time to consider what you are doing within your organisation to take the wealth of data, both internally and externally (both at an industry level and globally) that exists, and to then convert that through the DIKW hierarchy from data, to information, to knowledge and then to wisdom.

Three Things Strategy is NOT
Do you know what your organization’s strategy is? Do you really know? Strategy is a cloudy word, overused, misused, and full of misconceptions about what exactly a solid strategy consists of. Leaders retreat for days or weeks at a time to develop a strategic plan, and then emerge to announce something few in the organization can remember, fewer still understand. Every leader wants to develop a clear and effective strategy. To do this, we first need to cover what strategy is not.

Critical vulnerabilities found in single sign-on enterprise tool Atlassian Crowd
"Successful exploitation of this vulnerability can (but does not necessarily) lead to a hacker taking full control of an organization's single sign-on service, potentially resulting in a catastrophic security event," the Command Five researchers said in their advisory. At the very least, successful exploitation is likely to enable attackers to expand their unauthorized access within the targeted organization, they said.

Read Fiction and Be a Better Leader
It's this back and forth, engaging the complexity of things, that doesn't guarantee you're going to make a good decision, but it raises the odds of making a good decision. And that's what you get out of really good stories. Especially in a really good discussion, the students really struggle with the fact that there are competing sound views. Part of them are pulled one way, and part of them are pulled another way.

Zato - Python-based ESB and Backend Application Server
Applications can be integrated using HTTP (with special support for JSON/SOAP and plain XML), FTP, AMQP, JMS WebSphere MQ (for seamless interoperability with existing MQ Java apps), Redis and SQL. HTTP is the only means through which Zato services can be invoked synchronously with the requesting application waiting for response in a blocking manner.

The Art of Guerilla Usability Testing
Guerrilla usability testing is very much about adapting to the situation. ... Conducting the tests is only half the battle, of course. To deliver compelling and relevant results from guerilla usability tests, designers need to strategically decide how we’ll share our findings with our colleagues. ... Guerilla usability testing presented itself as an easy-to-perform technique for refining the user experience. It helped us validate (and invalidate) critical assumptions at cheap cost and with rapid speed.

High Availability Clustering
High availability clustering is a method used to minimize downtime and provide continuous service when certain system components fail. HA clusters consists of multiple nodes that communicate and share information through shared data memory grids and are a great way to ensure high system availability, reliability, and scalability.

Quote for the day:

"Diversity is the act of thinking independently together." -- Malcolm Forbes

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