July 03, 2013

This e-mail will self-destruct in five seconds
"The inability to control the number and type of operations that may be subsequently performed on a sent e-mail message makes conventional e-mail systems unsuitable for sending confidential information for which absolute control of distribution is a necessity," the AT&T's patent application states. It goes on to say that some e-mail systems that allow users to set up their client so that messages are deleted after a certain period of time. Still, the power to destroy the message remains in the hands of the recipient.

Better Business Decisions Through Streamlined Risk Prioritization
At the center of any successful enterprise risk management process one must have clear, accurate and easily accessible data. McAfee and LockPath have joined forces to remove barriers that often keep organizations from performing optimally. This joint solution addresses issues head-on and empowers information security professionals to better interpret and share findings, manage remediation and make more informed business decisions.

Could Your Startup Benefit from Microsoft Ventures?
The new Microsoft Ventures effort combines and strengthens programs Microsoft already has in place with new programs still being built. One of these existing programs is BizSpark. The initiative provides software including Windows and Office, Visual Studio, Windows Azure and additional support to promising and visionary startups at no cost. Microsoft says the program currently serves 50,000+ members in 100 countries on 6 continents.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c gears up for the private cloud
Oracle Enterprise Manager was originally created to deploy and manage groups of Oracle databases. Over the years, Oracle has extended the software to manage the Oracle Application Server and third-party software packages from Microsoft and others, through the use of plug-ins and connectors. Today, the Oracle Enterprise Manager Extensibility Exchange, a sort of app store for the software, offers more than 135 add-ons for third-party programs.

IE11 Preview and the New Developer Tools
The emphasis is on performance with new “UI Responsiveness”, “Profiler”, and “Memory” sections. The Memory tab is looking very useful for today’s apps and the heap snapshots are easier to use compared to the tools in other browsers. Likewise the code profiler is easy to work with and similar to the profiling tools for managed code in VS Ultimate.

Use forensics and detective work to solve JavaScript performance mysteries
Despite the amazing advances in JavaScript virtual machine technology, a recent study showed that Google applications spend between 50% and 70% of their time inside V8.... Read on, to learn about optimizing JavaScript and profile JavaScript applications, in a from the trenches story of the performance detectives on the V8 team tracking down an obscure performance problem in Find Your Way to Oz.

Latest tiered data storage trends center on automatic data movement
In this podcast with TechTarget senior writer Carol Sliwa, Nadkarni discusses the advancements in tiered data storage, the types of workloads with which automated storage tiering can be used, the ways that flash and cache fit into an automated tiering strategy, and some of the problems encountered with automated storage tiering.

The Power of Purposeful Strategy
Strategy is not a specialized, highly-complex event that has to be handled by a specific department, or outside consultants. Strategy is the life-blood, a state-of-mind of the organization that is birthed by the Commander in Chief and runs down through every department, at every level of the organization. The goal is to cultivate a constant consciousness of the strategy, or purpose, of the company in every member of the organization.

The verdict: Should you buy the Galaxy S4 and/or HTC One Google Play Edition?
The HTC One and GS4 Google Play Editions have a lot of good things going for 'em. In many ways, the combination of their hardware and a stock Android UI is actually quite nice to use. It's just that in the grand scheme of things, the phones feel more like hastily assembled experiments than carefully thought out and cohesive devices.

Crimeware-As-A-Service is a thing. Really
"Such underground platforms are implementing stronger mechanisms to ensure that participants are who they purport to be (or at the very least are not law enforcement officials). Ironically, while the platforms that facilitate the services marketplace for illegal activities are going deeper underground, the trade in zero-day vulnerabilities is more transparent than ever before," Samani and Paget report.

Quote for the day:

"If you think running a business is tough, try bringing up a baby." -- Richard Branson

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