July 26, 2013

The Odd Couple: Hadoop and Data Security
There are more missing pieces concerning data, as nothing was built into the Apache project. There was no standard way for encrypting data, and neither was there any way for regulating who can have what kinds of privileges with which sets of data. Obviously, that matters when you transition from low level Web log data to handling names, account numbers, account balances or other personal data.

Choosing cloud infrastructure for business and technology flexibility
The goal of the cloud is to produce economies of scale in resources and to allow a provider to offer a service that saves the buyer money, but at the same time earns a profit for the seller. Striking this win-win balance is the central mission of deploying cloud infrastructure and platforms, and that mission can be fulfilled in three ways:

Wall Street’s Exposure to Hacking Laid Bare
Mark Clancy, said that “for the financial services industry, cyberthreats are a constant reality and a potential systemic risk to the industry.” ...Over the last few years, accidental technological mishaps at the trading firm Knight Capital and the Nasdaq and BATS stock exchanges have revealed how even isolated programming errors can quickly ripple through the markets, causing significant losses in minutes.
But right now there are no national policy guidelines regarding the use of LPR and the data it generates. LPR records data on the movements of vehicles belonging to both ordinary citizens and criminals, and the data may be stored forever or may expire in 90 days if it's not a "tag of interest," depending on the state. And the data isn't 100% accurate.

Disaster Recovery - Presentation
Check out this presentation by Cisco Asia's consulting engineer Kwai Seng, where he explains the various multi-site DR scenarios, with the possible solutions. He also compares the site selection techniques, namely, HTTP redirection, DNS based site selection and Route Health Injection based routing.

Review: PsExec is a Windows power user's best friend
Another neat little feature on the docket for PsExec is the ability to run a command remotely as the SYSTEM user. What this essentially means is that, when SYSTEM is called, you effectively have nothing stopping you or getting in your way from a permissions standpoint and you become a super user. This is much akin to root access on Linux, which means that you are playing with fire.

Smartest Way to Manage Your Business? Get Ready to Sell It
Even if you never sell your business, making it fit-for-sale is a tremendously worthwhile discipline. It ensures you are building an asset that other people can understand and respect. Being fit for sale means you run a tight ship that won't run aground easily. So even if you intend to hand on your company to the fifth generation--making it sellable is a great way to run it now.

Innovation doesn't live on democratic leadership
Sharing lessons he had learnt from spending 30 years in Silicon Valley, Sculley said disruptive innovation does not exist in an environment built on consensus. "There's no democracy in successful high-tech companies and it's actually pretty good when you have a quality leader. These are founders, and founders have a special position.

The Seven Stages of Advanced Threats and Data Theft
A report from Websense says--Anti-virus and URL filtering products once were sufficient protection against information security threats. But targeted attacks have changed things. Today’s advanced attacks occur in seven stages that can result in data theft.

The DaaS Disruption: How the Data-as-a-Service Model is Transforming Business Intelligence
DaaS is built on the idea that users can and should have easy access to mission-critical data in real time and without any major lags or strains on IT solutions in the process. Through combination of standardization, virtualization and automation, DaaS transforms the BI data gathering process from what used to involve multiple departments into a singular process that can be executed immediately and simply from a web interface.

Quote for the day:

"A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and those who are doing well to do even better." -- Jim Rohn

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