July 18, 2013

Predictive Analytics: Beyond the Predictions
Predictive analytics are applied in the process of determining business events that are likely to occur and actionable. The probability threshold of "likely" differs from company to company and risk factor to risk factor. A risk-averse company may decide to prepare for a relatively low probability event that comes with a particularly bad outcome. Companies that are more risk tolerant, unaware or distracted by other projects will be less poised to take action.

Huawei sees 5G's emergence by 2020
Since LTE, along with its next generation LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) and LTE-Beyond (LTE-B), had only just started gaining traction, and will start to be more popular in 2014, the natural progression would be for 5G to be rolled out in 2020, he explained, speaking to ZDNet Asia at an interview here on Thursday. Mobile broadband technologies have always been introduced before widespread rollout of the network itself, and 5G will be no exception, Zhou observed.

Post-Trade Processing Solution to Help Banks Transform their Operations
“Investment banks need to transform and are actively seeking solutions that help them enter new markets and comply with regulatory changes, all while meeting client demands,” said Steve Racioppo, Chief Revenue Officer, Broadridge Financial Solutions. “With Broadridge’s technology as the engine behind the solution and Accenture’s expertise in capital markets, we can see this solution becoming the industry standard for post-trade processing.”

New Intel Chief Sees $150 Atom Tablets This Year
Speaking on his first quarterly earnings call for Intel on Wednesday, new CEO Brian Krzanich acknowledged Intel's missteps and said it can't afford to be caught off guard again. "We've not always lived up to the standard we've set for ourselves," Krzanich said, admitting that Intel was "slow to respond" to the tablet market. There will always be "another big thing," he said, and Intel must be constantly "scanning" for it.

Most enterprise networks riddled with vulnerable Java installations
The most widely deployed Java version, according to Bit9's data, was Java 6 Update 20, which was installed on a little over 9 percent of endpoints. This version of Java is vulnerable to a total of 215 security issues, 96 of which have the maximum impact score on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) scale, Bit9 said.

Meru: 802.11ac specification support on single-channel architecture
Meru's single-channel, MobileFlex architecture allows adjacent access points to share the same channel, whereas most other wireless LAN vendors rely on channel segmentation from one access point to another to avoid interference. The single-channel capabilities of Meru's new 802.11ac-enabled access point -- the AP832 -- eliminates the danger of channel overlap that exists in segmented networks, allowing Meru customers to use the full 80 MHz channels.

Dell's future gets messier: Shareholders expected to vote against buyout?
Shareholders were expected to vote tomorrow (Thursday, July 18). But, as if things weren't messy enough, that arrangement was also called into question earlier this week. The possible delay follows a move by prominent Dell investor Carl Icahn last week in which the business magnate dropped hints touting his new proposal to the company founder's plans once again.

Hidden cost of cloud computing is CIOs’ biggest concern
“Effectively monitoring and managing modern cloud-based applications and services requires a new approach designed to work in today’s complex, hybrid and dynamic environments. Failure to do so could have a hugely detrimental impact on reputation, customer loyalty and revenues,” said Mendel. The fact is that most traditional monitoring tools simply don’t work in the cloud, he warned.

Outsourcing, adieu: Companies retake the reins on IT services
While it would be misleading to say that insourcing is a new phenomenon -- companies have been cancelling major outsourcing deals as long as there have been major outsourcing deals -- indications are there is a shift in thinking underway. ... Whether they're ready to cut the cord or not, companies should take heed of these converging forces as their outsourcing deals come up for renewal.

Problem Areas in Project Communications – Part 2
Once you are given a project, your first task should be to ensure that you and management are in complete agreement. What is the purpose and the desired end result? You may execute a project according to the highest standards and come in on schedule and within budget. However, if you’re not meeting these key individuals’ expectations, then you’re not successfully delivering on the project.

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"Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago." -- Les Brown

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