April 14, 2013

Critics Question Wording of Internet Freedom Bill
"This bill will have many unintended consequences on domestic telecom policy," she said. "The bill is about rehashing the debates of the past.A The bill is also about prejudicing the debates of the future, specifically concerning the transition to IP-based voice services."

A Framework for Cloud Strategy and Planning
A model based approach or a framework based approach to come up with the cloud strategy could help maximize value creation out of cloud adoption. With their expertise on the standards and frameworks and on the internal business capabilities, the Enterprise Architects are in the best position to take this mantle. Though there are various standards and frameworks that can be used to strategize and plan the Cloud Adoption, Mike Walker in his article suggests a simple three step framework for Cloud Strategy and Planning

A Unified Environment For Big Data Analytics
Big data is adding a burden on users, and for those who were starting to enjoy the freedom from worrying about the underlying systems, this isn’t a welcome development. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. The market’s momentum is building towards merging big data systems and toolsets into a single, unified analytics platform that enables users to access any amount data of any type for any analysis at any time

Leveraging Technology for Disaster Risk Management
The Tokyo event highlighted technologies Japan leveraged in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami, for instance: A real-time traffic map was generated and made available to the public (including via Google) using data gathered from moving vehicles; Observation data from flood sensors was distributed to car navigation systems and smartphones; and GPS data from mobile phones was used to reproduce and analyze the flow of people at the time of the earthquake.

Startup Aims SDN Technology at Cisco WANs
Glue's gluware software runs in the cloud and provides a cloud-based service for turning up remote sites and teleworkers worldwide. It is designed to lower the cost of private WAN networking by automating those operations and handling ongoing maintenance, monitoring, life-cycle management and feature extension.

RBI penalizes JPMorgan for risk norms violation
“On a careful examination of the bank’s written reply and the documents available on record, the Reserve Bank found that the violations were conclusively established and a penalty of Rs5 lakh was thus imposed,” an RBI release said. The Indian central bank had issued a show-cause notice to the US lender first and imposed a penalty as it was not satisfied with the explanation. A JP Morgan spokeswoman said the bank had “noted the central bank’s concern and had taken remedial action.”

Lawsuit could put kink in Microsoft's push for cloud security
According to a statement by StrikeForce, PhoneFactor's authentication technology infringes a patent issued to StrikeForce in 2011 for "several key technologies underlying a multichannel security system for granting and denying access to a host computer in response to a demand from an access-seeking individual and computer." Although StrikeForce's lawsuit is aimed at Microsoft, other companies may also find themselves in the crosshairs of patent litigation.

Bahrain is poised to benefit from ICT trends says expert
Microsoft Middle East and Africa vice-president Charbel Fakhoury said the kingdom has agility by virtue of its small size, which can be a decisive advantage in bringing about transformational change. "Bahrain can use technology to surpass big transcending geographical limitations to become a key regional powerhouse. "For Microsoft, Bahrain has been a key market for more than 20 years and the challenge is how to take the country into the new area of cloud, big data, social computing and mobility, creating new economic opportunities along the way," he said.

Innovation through PoS
A new age PoS solution can facilitate rich MIS on: Central aggregation of credit card transactions--transactions from all PoS terminals are all stored / archived in a central server; Facility to upload bank Payment Advice file; Automatic bank reconciliation and transaction dispute management; Financial closures; and Proactive alerts for better operational efficiency

Mobile apps: Devising software requirement specifications
In the mobile space, retention metrics are an important measure of the combined utility and user experience. Retention metrics typically show how much time users spend with an app, relative to the time elapsed since they first installed it. The key for B2C mobile apps is creating a great user experience around functionality, while also providing value to company behind the app.

Quote for the day:

"Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great" -- Mark Twain

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