April 20, 2013

How PPM can improve strategy deployment
Put simply, PPM involves managing the process of translating the strategy and objectives into the right projects and then focusing the execution of these projects on the delivery of overall strategic objectives. When implemented correctly, PPM helps managers to prioritize effort on those projects that have the greatest impact on achieving strategic objectives.

How a CIO Can Save an Incompetent CEO
When a bad CEO goes down, the CIO often goes down with him. The way to save yourself, and your company, is to invest in the analytics technology that gives the CEO the data necessary to make smart business decisions. It doesn't hurt that it also shows why the CIO is more valuable to the CEO than other C-level executives.

What IBM's x86 exit may mean for rivals
The only unexpected part of an IBM divesture is the timing. The company sold its PC business to Lenovo, it has also exited the hard disk drive and printer manufacturing business. "IBM has never been shy about divesting businesses," said Charles King, an analyst at Pund-IT. And as with the PC, printer and disk drives, the low-end x86 server market "is heading further and further into commodity territory."

Citrix pitches cloud-based webcasts with GoToWebcast
To simplify administration, GoToWebcast has a five-step wizard that walks users through setting up their event. Users are first asked to schedule the event, including deciding audience size and if the web cast should be available on-demand or live with an archive. Users are then asked to select registration alternatives, multimedia options, choose what content to upload and finally decide on security and email settings.

Intel to Buy Mashery
Eric Knipp, managing VP of application platform strategies at Gartner Research, says that, from the vendor perspective, a partnership between Intel and Mashery that began late last year showed strong, complementary benefit. In the bigger picture, the deal suggests Intel “didn’t need much time to understand” the beneficial connections between SOA governance and API management.

Will OpenStack Become A Private And Hybrid Cloud Enabler For Channel?
"OpenStack is a little bit like a modern operating system," said John Engates, CTO of San Antonio, Texas-based Rackspace Hosting. "It is more complex than a simple operating system, so customers often need help with the installation and deployment. So that's an opportunity for channel partners. Environments include private clouds, service providers, colocation and customer premises." Engates compares the OpenStack ecosystem with the mobile phone market, which provides rich opportunities for software developers to build solutions that meet specific customer needs.

Deployment in the Age of Consumerization
In the case of out-of-the-box SaaS applications, an enterprise might never even touch the application at all after initial deployment. All new versions, upgrades, patches, and updates are deployed by the vendor. ... A business customer might have the SaaS vendor add a “skin” to the application with the company’s branding. In terms of updates, many organizations and consumers also want the option to reject or accept new features. This

Dell: Data complexity forces need for agnostic tool chain approach
The dichotomy means that organizations, both large and small, not only need to manage all of their internal data to provide intelligence about their businesses, they need to manage the growing reams of increasingly external big data that enables them to discover new customers and drive new revenue. The latest BriefingsDirect software how-to discussion then focuses on bringing far higher levels of automation and precision to the task of solving such varied data complexity.

All I need to innovate is…
All you need for innovation is a carefully defined “cookbook” of tools and processes that the product teams can understand, follow and implement successfully. Along with, of course, the engaged commitment of the senior team, which they have promised. The fact is that it takes a lot of people, culture, processes, leadership, commitment and resources to innovate. The sooner you start your mantra “All I need to innovate is…” the better off you’ll be.

Where you place the “a” matters: Are you just a leader or a just leader?
Justice comes from the Old French justitia, meaning righteousness and equity as well as the Latin justus, meaning upright. So how can we apply this virtue in a practical, applicable way as leaders? There are three ways I can think of, and I bet if you try, you can think of more. I’ll address two: fair versus equal and I versus you. The third, the triple bottom line/corporate social responsibility, is better known and discussed, so we will leave that for later.

Quote for the day:

"Big goals get big results. No goals get no results or somebody else's results.." -- Mark Victor Hansen

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