April 29, 2013

When It Comes To Big Data Is Less More?
“I think there is a fear and paranoia among companies that … if they don’t keep every little piece of information on a customer, they can’t function,” said Bradlow. “Companies continue to squirrel away data for a rainy day. We’re not saying throw data away meaninglessly, but use what you need for forecasting and get rid of the rest.”

Prepare for Oz privacy reforms now: Attorney-general, privacy commissioner
"If there continues to be under-reporting of data breaches, or we continue to find out about them only through media reports, some would argue that there is strong case to move to a mandatory scheme," Dreyfus said. "Large-scale data breaches continue to occur, and every incident that is reported in the media continues to raise community concerns about the need for a mandatory scheme."

U.S. Lawmakers Plan Sweeping Review of Copyright
"It is my belief that a wide review of our nation's copyright laws and related enforcement mechanisms is timely," said Goodlatte. "I am announcing today that the House Judiciary Committee will hold a comprehensive series of hearings on U.S. copyright law in the months ahead. The goal of these hearings will be to determine whether the laws are still working in the digital age."

IBM's emerging open cloud architecture
IBM has announced that all of its cloud services and software will be based on an open cloud architecture. This will ensure that innovation in cloud computing is not hampered by locking businesses into proprietary islands of questionable and difficult-to-manage offerings. In fact, customers who choose open standards-based cloud computing are on the right course to take advantage of new opportunities. Specifically, they will be able to harness their interconnected data with high-value business analytics across traditional and mobile devices.

Hacking suspect arrested for 'biggest cyberattack in history'
The alleged hacker is accused of launching an attack against anti-spam watchdog group Spamhaus. A 300Gbps distributed denial-of-service sent the non-profit into disarray, taking down the agency's website and forcing Spamhaus to turn to Cloudflare for assistance. According to the cloud services provider, the majority of the attack was traffic sent using a technique called DNS (domain name system) reflection.

Twitter Speaks, Markets Listen, and Fears Rise
Even though Syrian hackers remain the prime suspects, the trading commission is now investigating 28 different futures contracts and specifically examining the five-minute period before and after The A.P.’s Twitter account was hacked. It is looking to see if there were anomalous trades, and investors who benefited from them.

Searching for Smart Data: All-In-One, Automated Big Data Applications
Once software firms like MicroStrategy, BusinessObjects and others allowed business users to generate ad hoc reports that provided insights about sales, operations and more, data warehouse technology was off and running. Second, while software giant SAP may not be the most elegant technology architecture, SAP beat out the competition in the ERP arena because their ERP applications actually solved business problems.

New Version of Software Deployment Tool Adds Self-Service Cloud Pack
The new Deployit Cloud Pack for EC2, vSphere and other clouds, is an add-on that provides a self-service portal for Developers, Testers and QA teams to easily spin up and tear down the on-demand environments they need. Deployit 3.9 then automatically deploys your applications to new environments, accelerating development and testing.

Could You Survive a Cyberattack?
One way companies can prepare is by buying cyberrisk insurance. Though it has been around since the mid-'90s, cyberinsurance has only recently started to work its way into the mainstream and is now offered by companies such as the Hartford Financial Services Group and Travelers.

7 Tips to Speed Time to Innovation
Leveraging a PPM solution and its attendant processes can help product teams get innovative products to market faster by streamlining and automating development, eliminating wishful thinking and brute force in favor of discipline and strategy. So how can Product Development leverage portfolio management as a foundation for innovation and to support time to market requirements?

Quote for the day:

"Leadership involves finding a parade and getting in front of it." -- John Naisbitt

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