April 26, 2013

Why You Need an In-Memory Action Plan
You need to change the way you look at IT infrastructure, applications, and the infrastructure that’s running those applications. Truly, with some of these new technologies like in-memory technology, there are no barriers, things that you can’t do. Words like “no, we can’t do it” start to go away. I’m not going to tell you it’s going to be cheap, I’m not going to tell you there’s not going to be bumps in the road as you’re doing it, but things that you really thought were not possible are possible now. Period.

Inside Windows Phone – code samples
What Windows Phone code samples are available to you, and how do you get them? We publish a large number of code samples that cover a solid range of Windows Phone developer scenarios. In this video, we touch on some of the code samples we’ve created to help you design and develop great Windows Phone apps, and where to find them.

Data Breaches: When the Lawyers Get Involved
Data breaches have become big business for many law firms. ... But it's not just a cash-grab by the lawyers — an interesting example was described where companies are starting to loop their attorneys in at the first hint of a data breach. This way, the attorney-client privileges kick in immediately, they can pre-empt a potential influx of lawsuits by just taking a few simple steps

Senate committee limits government electronic surveillance
"Americans are very concerned about unwarranted intrusions into our private lives in cyberspace," said Senator Patrick Leahy, a Vermont Democrat and main sponsor of the bill. "There's no question that if [police] want to go into your house and go through your files and drawers, they're going to need a search warrant. If you've got the same files in the cloud, you ought to have the same sense of privacy."

How Apple's iWatch Will Push Big Data Analytics
These intelligent wrist watches will permit monitoring of an individual's heart rate, calorie intake, activity levels, quality of sleep and more. Now imagine collecting that data on a much bigger scale. Potentially, governments, medical agencies, etc. will be able to use such collective data to gain a better insight into a nation's physical output, eating habits, risk indicators, and worrying trends. The buzz word surrounding this type of data analysis is 'big data' and I predict that it will have a huge impact in the business world.

Storage Where You Need It, When You Need It
As most CIOs understand, the business value of the IT department is only loosely correlated to the infrastructure they manage. The real value is the information contained in the datacenter. And that data is not worth much if the data is not safe and accessible. Therefore the datacenter needs to be architected in a way that stored information is highly available and applications consuming it have efficient and reliable access. How do you do that?

The fight for HTML5: 'Keep DRM out' lobby steps up standards battle
... the specification would encourage the proliferation of closed-source DRM plug-ins that would be required to view media and that each DRM plug-in could impose arbitrary restrictions on the type of hardware and software that could play media. The BBC raised the possibility of a content decryption module working with EME blocking the ability of an OS to forward an online video stream to a third party device in its submission supporting encrypted media extensions earlier this year.

Five Ways to Use ARA to Ease Agile Development Challenges
The challenges created by agile can limit the development method's value, making agile-specific support strategies key in many organizations. Fostering agile development in the enterprise can be much easier when application deployment processes are simplified. Application release automation can make this simplification possible. There are a few key ways that ARA enables better operations, these include:

Lessen Core Banking Risks, use IT controls
It is a pre-requisite for IT managers to possess good banking domain knowledge and be conversant with the features available on the CBS. He should have knowledge of IT audits with Risk assessment techniques to determine whether the information systems are properly protected and controlled and provide value to the organisation. Likewise, an IT manager should also have an understanding of the organisation and its environment, and of factors which can affect the entity, both external and internal.

No more fake names: German court sides with Facebook over pseudonym lawsuit
"The court allowed that the applicability of the strict German data protection law is undermined by clever internal organisation in an IT company... For both users and German companies which have to comply with the German data protection standards, it is difficult to understand why an offer for the German market may ignore these standards," Thilo Weichert, the head of the ULD, said in a statement.

Quote for the day:

"My responsibility is leadership, and the minute I get negative, that is going to have an influence on my team." -- Don Shula

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