April 25, 2013

Oracle: Renewed Security Focus Will Delay Java 8
In a blog posted Thursday, Mark Reinhold, chief architect of the Java Platform Group, wrote that maintaining Java security "always takes priority over developing new features," which is why some features planned for Java 8 slipped past Milestone 6 (M6) at the end of January, the original feature-complete target.

Six open source security myths debunked - and eight real challenges to consider
Detractors of open source software often point to its broad developer base and open source code as a potential security risk. But that's not a fair assessment, according to Dr Ian Levy, technical director with the CESG ... Open source is no worse or better than proprietary software when it comes to security, according to Levy, who busted myths about open source security — and detailed its genuine security challenges — at the Open Source, Open Standards conference in London last week.

Cisco's new director-class storage switch boosts throughput 6X
The MDS 9710 replaces the Cisco 9500 series as Cisco's top director-class storage switch. The 9500 series offered up to 256Gbps of total throughput, ... The MDS 9710 offers a total of 24 terabits per second of switching capacity for Fibre Channel connectivity and offers Cisco's highest fault-tolerant capabilities with fully redundant (N+1) fans, switching fabrics, and power-supplies or grid redundancy.

Look out, Oracle: SkySQL and MariaDB join forces
On April 23, SkySQL announced that it had signed a merger agreement with Monty Program Ab, MariaDB's parent company. The aim of this new company, which will go under the name SkySQL, is to develop MariaDB into a truly interoperable "NewSQL" open-source database in collaboration with its customers, partners, and the community. The community side will continue as the MariaDB Foundation.

How does advanced malware use the network against you?
"Attackers can change the domain every day, and that's how malware works, and they're able to hide their communication and evade detection by an intrusion prevention system (IPS) or security gateway," Newman said. But by closely watching the communications of all of the devices within a network, Damballa, FireEye, RSA and other vendors are profiling this type of behavior, using a technique often referred to as advanced threat protection.

The CIO 'can't be an order-taker'
The global economy seems to be recovering, albeit slowly, and it therefore follows that the tremendous pressure—financial, technological, existential—on companies' IT organizations will ease. Right? Wrong. Well, maybe. It all depends. Three senior executives—Freddie Mac CIO Robert Lux, Evercore Partners managing director of equity research Kirk Materne, and Blackstone CTO Bill Murphy—gathered here at theBloomberg Enterprise Technology Summit to tease out the real role of the CIO in the modern business, debate best practices for the IT organization and offer solutions for future success.

Hadoop Usage Poised to Explode
The TDWI survey, based on a sample of 263 respondents, suggests that Hadoop adoption could ramp up very quickly: for example, more than one-quarter (28 percent) of respondents expect to be managing production deployments of HDFS in the next 12 months. Others expect their Hadoop deployments to come online more gradually: 24 months (13 percent), 36 months (10 percent), or more than three years (12 percent).

Gauging BYOD acceptance
A whopping 35% of the shops surveyed say consumerization of IT will have a dramatic positive impact on user satisfaction over the next 12-18 months. Another 47% say it will have a moderately positive impact, which, taken together, means more than 80% of the IT folks surveyed see BYOD as a big win. User productivity also scores high, with 76% saying consumerization will have a moderate or dramatic positive impact, while 70% expect the same benefit for business agility, and 69% say consumerization will dramatically or moderately improve process efficiency/collaboration.

Perception is Reality: 8 Steps for Changing How Others See You
The “perception is reality” adage is most often applied to the way each of us sees our own environment. If we see the glass as half full, we will operate from that reality and the glass will always be at least half full. But what if we turn that adage inside out? What if the reality we’re experiencing is due in part to how others perceive us?

Are developers really skilled up for the cloud?
“Developers - when they build an in-house-only solution, in my experience - don’t think a lot about security and the security of that data or that application. That has been the major difference between things we put on-premise only and the things we’re going to put in the cloud,” Hackland said. “The developers are going to have to take into account the integrity and the security of that data. There are probably lots of other [skills issues] but that’s the thing that immediately jumps to mind for me. It’s a different skillset - or a different thinking at least - for the developers as we make that transition,” he said.

Quote for the day:

"Some people change their ways when they see the light; others when they feel the heat" -- Caroline Schoeder

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