April 03, 2013

Security Manager's Journal: Rights can be so wrong
The applications' vendors have been of little help, typically responding along these lines: "Our software needs to read and write a lot of files in many locations, so it requires a high enough level of permissions on the system to do that. Running as a domain administrator is the easiest way to ensure that the software will have enough access to run properly."

AMD sees the era of Moore's law coming to a close
"We [AMD] want to also look for the sweet spot," said Gustafson, "because if you print too few transistors your chip will cost too much per transistor and if you put too many it will cost too much per transistor. We've been waiting for that transition from 28nm to 20nm to happen and it's taking longer than Moore's Law would have predicted." "I'm saying you are seeing the beginning of the end of Moore's law."

CIOs Must Move From 'Mobile First' to 'Mobile Only'
It's not sufficient to think "mobile first" anymore, they say. Instead, CIOs who want to lead their enterprises into the postdigital future should begin thinking about "mobile only." The signs are clear, they say: In 2012, both Apple and Google Play surpassed 25 billion app downloads. Additionally, according toInternet trends research by Mary Meeker, a general partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, 13 percent of all Internet traffic in 2012 originated from mobile devices.

Top 10 Mobile Insurance Trends
Slide show: In new reserch, Strategy Meets Action offers insurers 10 of the most pertinent mobile business needs. This comes on the heels of SMA’s annua lInsurance Ecosystem research, which tracks IT spending plans and this year highlighted mobile as a key area, with 42 percent of property/casualty insurers and 27 percent of life and annuity insurers increasing spending in 2013. The trends are broken up into two groups, the first is related to content, and the second, technology.

Know the key legal and security risks in a cloud-computing contract
The two most important words to look for in a vendor contract are "vendor shall," Peterson said. Words such as "we'll strive to," "our goals," "targets" and "objectives" should raise red flags for users as they offer no concrete guarantees and give the vendor legal wiggle room ... "It used to be that a customer could negotiate a lot of protections in," Petersen said. "To some extent ... [now], you have to take contract terms they're offering."

E-waste disposal challenge 'not serious' in Singapore
The disposing of electronic waste (e-waste), which is growing rapidly, is of concern in Asia, but the situation in Singapore is not as severe as those experienced in other parts of the region. The situation is further helped by the government launching guidelines by this year to help companies better manage the recycling of infocommunication technology (ICT) equipment.
A recent survey by the eHealth Initiative found HIE organizations most concerned about developing a sustainable business model, securing funding, engaging with a wide range of stakeholders (which includes hospitals, laboratories, insurers and other care providers) and convincing those stakeholders that data exchange is secure. HIE entities also face competition from vendors, large integrated delivery networks and other HIEs, all of whom could promise healthcare providers better data exchange at a lower cost.

Machine learning needs human helping hand
Foong Sew Bun, chief technologist and distinguished engineer at IBM Asean, said computer algorithms are evolving to become more complex and, in some cases, able to process information in a way that is similar to how people think. Watson, for example, shows how algorithms can be fine-tuned to quickly analyze, understand and respond to big data challenges in a "near-human fashion", he said. That said, Foong noted these technologies have not reached the stage where they can understand the full breadth of the human communication process, as this involves intangible factors such as feelings and instincts.

Samsung taps Absolute Software for mobile security on Knox, Galaxy S4
Headed for Samsung Knox when it debuts this year, Absolute boasted that Samsung's mobile devices will then be the first worldwide to offer "constant, tamper-proof security connection for tracking, wiping, recovery and IT servicing" by including its endpoint security and management software. For reference, Knox is Samsung's mobile security platform for professional and personal accounts on enhanced versions of Android.

The 21st Century Data Center: An overview
Data centers range from on-premise facilities running traditional enterprise applications to massive outsourced installations offering a variety of cloud services. We examine the state of play in data center-land, and consider some of the trends that will shape its future.

Quote for the day:

"A culture of discipline is not a principle of business; it is a principle of greatness." -- Jim Collins

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