April 12, 2013

Want To Really Be Agile? Swarm!
The hackneyed phrase, "Good, fast, cheap -- choose two," is wrong in the agile world where collaboration is more powerful than divide and conquer. Our Agile Architect explains how to increase productivity significantly while also increasing code quality with a simple process change.

Modern Apps or Desktop? The Answer May be Spelled W-E-B
iOS and Android have proven that people still love their native apps, a lot. The real issue is that Web technologies are certain to be relevant for a long time and the native platform game, after having been stable for more than 20 years, is encountering upheaval that hasn't resolved yet. To which platform should you allocate more investment: the one that's volatile or the one that's stable? The latter would seem more sensible in the majority of cases.

Key benefits of architecting loosely coupled SOA-based solutions
The goal of every SOA architect is to develop a highly componentized, largely de-coupled system that makes application lifecycle management (ALM) easier -- from the start of the systems development lifecycle (SDLC) right through to the end. But are loosely coupled SOA-based systems always the answer? And isn't it true that, in some cases, tightly coupled systems aren't such a bad thing?

Privacy protections booted from CISPA data-sharing bill
Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), who proposed three unsuccessful privacy amendments, said afterward she was disappointed her colleagues did not limit the NSA and other intelligence agencies from collecting sensitive data on Americans. Her privacy amendments would have "required that companies report cyber threat information directly to civilian agencies, and maintained the long-standing tradition that the military doesn't operate on U.S. soil against American citizens," Schakowsky said.

Dell pushes the tablet envelope with the XPS 18
Rather than another slate somewhere between 5 and 10 inches, the XPS 18 is a monstrous 18-inch device. While this device is obviously not something that you’ll slip into your pocket, the XPS 18 presents a rather intriguing use case, especially in the office where most workers’ mobility consists of moving between meeting rooms rather than traipsing across continents.

Red Hat Updates JBoss Data Grid
The list of new features in this release includes cross-data center replication (XDR), which allows for replication across clusters and locations. The result, the company says, is better performance for remote users and applications. Another new feature, non-blocking state transfer (NBST), improves elasticity through a new pause-less join-and-leave protocol.

Is OpenDaylight the Next Penguin?
The OpenDaylight Project has a good technical overview, but even there it sounds more than a little like mumbo jumbo: "The business logic and algorithms reside in the applications. These applications use the controller to gather network intelligence, run algorithms to perform analytics, and then use the controller to orchestrate the new rules, if any, throughout the network."

Kaspersky discovers hacker group targeting online games
According to its blog post Thursday, Kaspersky fingered a group named "Winnti" to be responsible for breaking into the servers of at least 35 games developers and publishers since 2009. The evidence it had uncovered suggested the cybercriminals were looking to steal proprietary source codes to possible develop into pirated versions of the games, or to steal virtual currency which can be converted into real money, it said.

Four Master Data Management Mistakes to Avoid
Unfortunately, corporate data doesn’t naturally play well together. One customer may be present in five different systems. Three of those, however, may be derived from the first system, with one of them located in the cloud. Likewise, customer information may be stored in different ways. The finance system wants formal naming, akin to a Chamber of Commerce registry. The CRM system, meanwhile, caters to salespeople needing to trace contacts into specific business divisions, to prevent duplicate sales efforts.

A Practical Intro to Data Science
There are far fewer resources out there about the steps to take in order to obtain the skills necessary to practice this elusive discipline. Here we will provide a collection of freely accessible materials and content to jumpstart your understanding of the theory and tools of Data Science.

Quote for the day:

"When you innovate, you've got to be prepared for everyone telling you you're nuts." -- Larry Ellison

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