April 10, 2013

Microsoft takes new 'Scroogled' shot at Google
"When you buy an Android app from the Google app store, they give the app maker your full name, email address and the neighborhood where you live," Microsoft asserted on its revamped Scrooggled.com site. "This occurs without clear warning every single time you buy an app. "If you can't trust Google's app store, how can you trust them for anything?"

CUDA Programming Model on AMD GPUs and Intel CPUs
Programming of GPUs is still a different approach to conventional programming, the benefit had to be significant enough to make the effort worthwhile. NVIDIA's CUDA platform has really simplified development. Arguments that it is still too complicated miss the point that massively parallel programming actually needs a different way of looking at things. How you split an algorithm over 1000s of cores must and should be different.

Vudu resets user passwords after hard drives lost in office burglary
"We believe it would be difficult to break the password encryption, but we can't rule out that possibility given the circumstances of this theft," Ganesan wrote in the e-mail (see below). "So we think it's best to be proactive and ask that you be proactive as well." ... Naturally, Ganesan suggested that if the expired passwords were used on other sites, that those be changed as well. Passwords of users who accessed the site through a third party were unaffected, he wrote.

Capacity management and sizing overview for SharePoint Server 2013
This article provides an overview of how to effectively plan and manage the capacity of SharePoint Server 2013 environments. This article also describes how to maintain a good understanding of the capacity needs and capabilities of your deployment, by analysis of performance and volume data. It also reviews the major application impacts that affect capacity, including content characteristics and usage.

LMAX - How to Do 100K TPS at Less than 1ms Latency
Martin Thompson and Michael Barker talk about building a HPC financial system handling over 100K tps at less than 1ms latency by having a new approach to infrastructure and software. Some of the tips include: understand the platform, model the domain, create a clear separation of concerns, choose data structures wisely, and run business logic on a single thread.

The perils of customising IT service management software
IT service management (ITSM) software is meant to reduce complexities associated with implementing IT services to meet business needs. There is a temptation for enterprises to customise ITSM software to fit their organisations like a glove, but if Suncorp and NSW Businesslink's stories are anything to go by, that may not be such a good idea.

Prepare your https sites for Firefox 23
On May 23, Firefox 23 will be released, and by default, it will block any non-SSL content loading on an SSL page. This means that any scripts, CSS, plugin contents, inline frames, fonts, or WebSockets that are loading with http instead of via https protocol will spark a notification to life. Avoiding this mechanism will be images, video, or audio.

Making data analytics work: Three key challenges
Tim McGuire sets out the triple challenge that companies face: deciding which data to use (and where outside your organization to look), handling analytics (and securing the right capabilities to do so), and using the insights you’ve gained to transform your operations. Misconceptions around these tasks trip up many companies.

4 Barriers Stand Between You and Big Data Insight
"The amount of information and data that we're collecting now is truly enormous in terms of the volume that is outside the four walls of the organization," says Anand Rao, principal at PwC. "Organizations don't have the right people, they don't have the right structure in place and they're still struggling with some of the tools and techniques."

The 5 Biggest Online Privacy Threats of 2013
"There's a pretty big disparity between what folks think their privacy rights are online and what they actually are online," says legislative counsel Chris Calabrese of the American Civil Liberties Union. "They mistake a privacy policy for meaning that they have privacy. That policy is frequently a way to describe the rights you don't have." As you watch your privacy being kicked around like a football in a scrum, pay close attention to the following five major threats.

Quotes for the day:

"A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it" -- Albert Einstein

Don't feel bad if you’re unhappy with the status quo; feel motivated to change it. -- Tweet by Dan Rockwell

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