April 30, 2013

Hackers target shared Web hosting servers for mass phishing attacks
In this type of attack, once phishers break into a shared Web hosting server, they update its configuration so that phishing pages are displayed from a particular subdirectory of every website hosted on the server, APWG said. A single shared hosting server can host dozens, hundreds or even thousands of websites at a time, the organization said.

How Big Data Is Playing Recruiter for Specialized Workers
Companies use Gild to mine for new candidates and to assess candidates they are already considering. Gild itself uses the technology, which was how the company, desperate for programming talent and unable to match the salaries offered by bigger tech concerns, found this guy named Jade outside of Los Angeles. Its algorithm had determined that he had the highest programming score in Southern California, a total that almost no one achieves.

Servant leadership: A path to high performance
These leaders were servants in the best sense of the word. They were people-centric, valued service to others and believed they had a duty of stewardship. Nearly all were humble and passionate operators who were deeply involved in the details of the business. Most had long tenures in their organizations. They had not forgotten what it was like to be a line employee.

Three Gaps in Employee Productivity and What They Mean for IT
Fewer than 40% of employees are truly effective in the competencies shown to have the greatest impact on enterprise performance – right at the point where executives and managers consistently express the belief that they need at least 20% higher performance from employees to meet business goals. Where is employee productivity falling short, and what can IT and Infrastructure teams do to counter these figures?

The IT Conversation We Should Be Having
A simple summary of the work suggests that CEOs believe that CIOs are not in sync with the new issues CEOs are facing, CIOs do not understand where the business needs to go, and CIOs do not have a strategy, in terms of opportunities to be pursued or challenges to be addressed in support of the business.

IT Manager: An IT dashboard for the iPad
IT Manager is an app that offers IT managers another option for using an iPad as an administration tool for local network or web services. It’s a subscription-based app with a wide selection of network and web services admin tools. The growth of tablets and mobile apps in IT management means 24/7 operations go on, regardless of whether staff are working in a data center cage, a user’s desk, or responding to an outage after hours.

Infosec 2013: managing risk in the supply chain
For IT departments, securing information in the supply chain is one of the biggest challenges they face today. This is because supply chains are composed of various companies, all of which have their own set of security standards, and organisations struggle to communicate their requirements to all of these different parties. One way to approach the problem is to assess the “risk appetite” of your organisation, according to Mark Pearce, Head of Information Security at the Post Office.

How UpStream uses R for Attribution Analysis
Major retailers like Williams Sonoma use UpStream Software for marketing analytics, including revenue attribution, targeting, and optimization. In this video Tess Nesbitt (senior statistician at UpStream) describes how she uses Revolution R Enterprise and Hadoop to figure out the impact on various marketing channels (for example direct mail, email offers, and catalogs) on consumer retail sales.

A Note for the Boss Who Talks Too Much
Play leadership anthropologist in your own organization and chances are you’ll find a good number of these en-titled characters who are compelled to consume every possible molecule of oxygen and every moment of air-time to share their self-defined pearls of wisdom and precious nuggets of managerial and inspirational gold.

Microsoft Updates Cloud Agreement For HIPAA Rules
Cloud service providers are starting to take notice of the new HIPAA security regulations that define them as "business associates" of HIPAA-covered entities such as healthcare providers and health plans. Microsoft has just announced a revised business associate agreement (BAA) for its cloud services that reflects the new HIPAA Omnibus Rule governing data security.

Quote for the day:

"Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards" -- Vernon Sanders Law

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