April 05, 2013

U.S. government can't intercept iMessage, but it can still serve Apple a search warrant
One U.S. law enforcement agency is struggling to snoop on messages sent by Apple devices, claiming they "cannot be intercepted." But lack of transparency on Apple's part may mean the technology giant is facing an influx of search warrants — and yet we don't know about it.

Tech overhaul for Portland police, fire, 3 years behind schedule, $10M over-budget
These issues "are largely the result of a problematic and shifting governance structure and inconsistent management," according to the audit. Moreover, Portland officials didn't take proper advantage of some lessons learned through the city's troubled SAP project, such as the need to ensure proper staff training, the report states. That effort ended up tripling its budget and taking more than twice as long to complete, according to another audit released in 2010.

Judge awards class action status in privacy lawsuit vs. comScore
ComScore uses OSSProxy software to track users. The software is typically bundled along with free software products like screen savers and music sharing software and is downloaded to the systems of end users that install them. Once installed, the software is designed to constantly collect and send to comScore servers a wide range of data, such as the names of every file on the computer, information entered into a web browser, the contents of PDF files and other data.

Growing use of mobile BI apps sparks need to downsize designs
Instead of trying to cram everything that's included in a PC-based BI application onto a single screen for mobile devices, Sherman recommended that application developers examine the processes business users typically run through to do BI and analytics, and then design mobile apps and BI dashboards to follow those trails.

Non-volatile DIMM cards coming soon to a server and array near you
With 10GB/s of throughput, it is roughly two and a half times faster than PCIe flash cards and can be used as another tier of high-speed storage. It can also used as a memory buffer for solid-state drives (SSDs) because of DRAM's ability to never wear out, no matter how many writes it receives. NAND flash memory in SSDs, however, has a limited life due to write amplification, a phenomenon in flash memory that requires data to be marked for deletion before it can be rewritten to another cell.

TypeScript Language Capturing .NET Developers' Attention
"Talking with many of the attendees at these conferences and at community events, I find many of them miss coding in C# and XAML. It's just easier for them," he said, noting that JavaScript lacks the tooling and syntax C# developers prefer. "I believe that TypeScript can provide the tooling and syntax to reduce the negative feelings most C# developers get from JavaScript."

The freedom of “no”
You must learn to say “no” to some things. Feeling the freedom of “no” allows you to focus on what’s most important for you and your organization to be successful. Saying “no” when appropriate frees you up to make that big impact you want to make, to inspire others, have a vision or develop the relationships that are essential to great leadership.

Seven Rules for Managing Creative People
The more you pay people to do what they love, the less they will love it. In the words of Czikszentmihalyi, "the most important quality, the one that is most consistently present in all creative individuals, is the ability to enjoy the process of creation for its own sake." More importantly, people with a talent for innovation are not driven by money.

Tech groups protest anti-China provision in U.S. budget resolution
The budget amendment could impede the U.S. government from acquiring the "latest cutting-edge IT products," the letter said. The requirement to assess IT products will slow the federal acquisition process, it said. In addition, the provision could lead the Chinese government to retaliate against U.S. IT vendors, and it could encourage "copycat" legislation in other countries that limits their governments' purchase of U.S. products, the letter said.

Google Apps v. Office 365: Email and messaging
Ian Hardenburgh continues his in-depth comparison of Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 office suites. In this segment, he compares the email and messaging features of both ... Although some features, such as the sheer ability to organize and search for email messages and personal contacts are covered here, these capabilities are all but an afterthought these days as desktop clients and standards/open based file formats like Personal Storage Table files have become status quo.

Quote for the day:

"Decisiveness is a characteristic of high-performing men & women. Almost any decision is better than no decision at all." -- Brian Tracy

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