April 08, 2013

It's twilight for small in-house data centers
Service providers are growing dramatically. Of the new data center space being built in the U.S., service providers accounted for about 13% of it, but by 2017 they will be responsible for more than 30% of this new space, said Rick Villars, an analyst at IDC. "Most of the rapid growth is in service providers," which includes hosting, co-location and things such as a Facebook buildout, said Villars.

Government ramps up cloud market
By creating a marketplace for cloud computing services in two on-shore data centres, the NSW government would reduce perceived legal and security risks associated with offshore providers. “It's not a unique approach but is almost identical to the one the New Zealand government put in place,” said IDC analyst Chris Morris.

PMO Lingo and Acronyms to Tickle Your Funny Bone
Running a PMO is challenging. It can be nerve wrecking some times. To keep things into perspective and not to take self too seriously, it is good to joke about it once in a while. Here is a list of funny terms from workplace lingo that help lighten up a tough situation. To keep the blog “G” rated, PM Hut changed some of the words. However the idea remains and the humor hopefully still comes through.

Clayton Christensen Talks Venture Capital, Crowd Funding, And How To Measure Your Life
There is a different business model that is disrupting us, and that’s online learning. On-the-job education. So Intel University, GE Crotonville. This model of learning is: You come in, we’ll spend a week teaching you about strategy, and then you go off and develop the strategy. You come back for two weeks in product development, and we send you – you know. You use it and you learn it and you do it while you’re employed. It a very different business model, and that’s what’s killing us. And it’s truly what’s going to kill us.

Accenture Cloud Platform to Help Businesses Integrate and Manage Technology
“Already in use on more than 200 projects, the Accenture Cloud Platform features proven technologies and business processes to help our clients make the safe journey to cloud,” said Jack Sepple. “We foresee the growing use of public cloud services and are uniquely positioned to offer the best of breed from a variety of vendors. We are committed to moving our extensive portfolio of cloud offerings, broad ecosystem of alliance relationships, and large global client base to the cloud in all forms – public, private and hybrid.”

IT hardware vendors reject govt's step to curb cyberthreat
Indian government's joint working group set up by the National Security Council Secretariat has decided to make it mandatory on the part of hardware sellers to provide cyber security awareness brochures while sale of such hardware. ... However, this step is very timely, but at the same IT vendors are concerned it could give rise to logistical issues.

Jeremy Lightsmith Discusses Lean Startup and Design Thinking at Agile 2012
Jeremy Lightsmith is a seasoned agile coach, trainer & facilitator, excels at creating environments where teams can discover how they work best. He sits down with us to discuss how Nordstrom is using Lean Startup and Design Thinking to create innovation in a fortune 500 company.

NBN Co continues to defend 'Rolls-Royce' satellite strategy
There have been questions as to whether it was necessary for NBN Co to blow almost AU$1 billion on new Ka-band satellites, with Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull claiming at the time that it was an unnecessary move, calling it the "Rolls-Royce" approach to providing satellite services to remote regions. He also said there is enough capacity from existing commercial satellite providers.

What is a Keylogger?
The keylogger often has the ability to sit between the keyboard and the operating system and intercept all of the communications without the user’s knowledge. The keylogger can either store the recorded data locally on the compromised machine or, if it’s implemented as part of a larger attack toolkit with external communication capabilities, sent off to a remote PC controlled by the attacker.

S'pore calls for 'new approaches' in cybersecurity
One way is to build up "anticipatory capabilities" through environment scanning as well as exchanging information and intelligence, so it will be easier to join the dots and form a more complete picture of the situation, Teo noted. This includes a theoretical element involving data analytics, risk analytics, and relationship modelling, along with a practical element. This requires testing concepts in real life to see if there are false positives and false negatives, he said.

Quote for the day:

"You can't let praise or criticism get to you. It's a weakness to get caught up in either one." -- John Wooden

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