April 22, 2013

iOS Safari Browser Has A Massive Caching Issue!
In the past to ensure my jQuery AJAX requests were not cached, the “cache: false” option within the AJAX call normally sufficed. Not if you’re making POST web service requests. It’s only until recently I found using “cache:false” option will not have an affect on POST requests, as stated on jQuery API: “Pages fetched with POST are never cached, so the cache and ifModified options in jQuery.ajaxSetup() have no effect on these requests.” ... Read on for a work around for this issue.

The Seven Information Smells of Domain Modelling
We discuss signals in your domain model that tell you there are more questions to ask. We call these signals “information smells”, and they tell us we may not have a complete understanding of the information our domain cares about. The smell could mean that we are missing information from our domain model or that we included incorrect information on the domain model.

BPM is just a subset of EA
EA is really the over acrhing framework for organizations, and if so surely BPM (as we originally conceived back in 1992) is simply a sub set of EA? So what you may ask? Well the whole world of BPM needs to get with EA, or do we need to redefine BPM completely? -- Join this discussion on Linkedin.

Dell Boomi unveils AtomSphere Summer 12
"And the security enhancements also give IT teams further assurance that their data and IP is secure, whether moving through cloud or on-premise applications," Nucci said. The new cloud integration platform comes with a crowd sourced regression testing feature called Boomi Assure to ensure that customer integration processes are tested each time Boomi is updated.

Do your due diligence before taking the leap
On the upside, the cloud gives you the flexibility of being able to take your business with you while on the go. But there are always security concerns when you store important data on the web. King offers the following pointers to consider when deciding whether cloud-computing technology is right your practice:

Review: Best tablets for business
That's a mere drop in the tablet Tsunami. On the back of a stunning 78.4 per cent year-over-year growth in tablet shipments at the close of 2012, IDC expects tablets to surpass desktop PCs in 2013, and laptops in 2014. Don't want to miss the tablet wave? Here's a rundown of four tablets which mean business.

IT Challenges and Opportunities in 2013
At a recent ISACA conference, we asked attendees about the key business/tech issues, challenges and opportunities facing them in 2013. Take a look at what the conference attendees consider as the challenges and opportunities for the year 2013.

Master Data and Integration – Data, Function, and Process
Your organization’s use of master data has to be rationalized along the different dimensions of utilization, no matter what domains are referenced and no matter the original context. A more mature approach to master data design looks at consistency and accuracy in shared data creation and use across multiple sources, for multiple domains, used by all applications, and synchronized across (and even external to) the enterprise.

10 Rules For Working With Big Data
Many organizations will need to formulate big data projects in the near future, if not already. Reflecting the all-encompassing, 360 degree perspective that a successful big data analytics campaign should take, organizations must resolve the issues and address the challenges of implementing big data in professional environments, and use it to increase revenue potential -- a result of new marketing insight and analytic enhancement.

Deep thinking on complex systems: A devops reading list
The shift in focus — from risk avoidance to anti-fragility, from a focus on stability to a focus on resilience, and from a focus on large-grained contextual systems to small-grained composable alternatives — will and is opening a whole new world of agility, experimentation and execution for enterprise IT. It’s a critical subject for every IT practitioner to understand.

Quote for the day:

"The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want. " -- Ben Stein

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