April 13, 2013

Data and data sets are not objective; they are creations of human design. We give numbers their voice, draw inferences from them, and define their meaning through our interpretations. Hidden biases in both the collection and analysis stages present considerable risks, and are as important to the big-data equation as the numbers themselves.

BMC's MyIT May Be the Future of IT Services
The ideal defensive move for IT departments is to treat consumer technology as the competition that it is and step up to the challenge. It isn't that IT can't win the battle by providing more reliable and more secure services; it's that often IT isn't even in the fight. However, BMC Software's recent MyIT initiative is designed to address this problem directly by providing a personal UI that's tailored to a user's role and is accessible on mobile devices as well as the traditional desktop.

Flexible Search using Stored Procedures: varying the WHERE clause at run-time
The technique uses a single stored procedure with a single WHERE clause containing all search terms and uses nullable parameters and boolean logic to decide exactly which combination of search terms is executed.

Google Submits Antitrust Remedies to EU
According to reports, the proposed remedies submitted Thursday are similar to a settlement Google struck with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, and involve Google sharing more information through its advertising APIs (application programming interfaces) and agreeing not to scrape Web content from rivals.

Nasdaq Cloud Gets Rated as Regulation-Ready
The R3 service, the consulting firms said, meets the electronic records storage, retrieval and management requirements of: Securities and Exchange Commission Rule 17a-4(f), which regulates exchange members, brokers or dealers; Commodity Futures Trading Commission Regulation 17 C.F.R. §1.31(b)-(c), which regulates commodity futures trading. Cohasset said FinQloud adequately preserves records in “a non-erasable, non-rewriteable format” and with “ a highly secure deletion process.”

New Guidance for Healthcare Organizations to Assess Cybersecurity Preparedness
The HITRUST Cybersecurity Working Group was established to review the CSF and ensure the controls fully incorporate best practices consistent with the various risk factors related to cybersecurity for healthcare organizations. Given the increasing volume, sophistication and risks associated with cyber attacks perpetrated on healthcare organizations and increased awareness by legislators and regulators, HITRUST believes there is real value in providing additional guidance to organizations wanting to review their current level of preparedness, according to the group.

Surrounded by management consultants? Speak up.
"There are good consultants and bad consultants," Phelan says. "Good consulting is a combination of detective work, counseling, and in-depth industry knowledge." Such knowledge can really only come from experience. And the bad kind? "Bright, highly educated young kids -- and I know, because I was one -- who lack real expertise but who come in and impose a standard methodology they've been trained by their firms to use." Sound familiar?

Cloud haters: You too will be assimilated
The cloud will be a better experience than you have now, and it will be less expensive in terms of asset expenditure and total cost of ownership. But we at The Cloud Continuum are not entirely without compassion. Let's go down the list of your grievances and address your concerns. I mean, it's not like we have to, because we'll just end up owning your infrastructure anyway. But we are, if anything, attentive.

Wireless IP cameras open to hijacking over the Internet, researchers say
The vendors selling these cameras also have them configured to use their own dynamic DNS services. For example, Foscam cameras get assigned a hostname of the type [two letters and four digits].myfoscam.org. By scanning the entire *.myfoscam.org name space an attacker could identify most Foscam cameras connected to the Internet, the researchers said.

Congressional panel approves Internet freedom bill
The House Energy and Commerce Committee's communications subcommittee approved the Internet freedom bill, an attempt to discourage other countries from advocating for control of the Internet by the United Nations' International Telecommunication Union and other international agencies.

Quote for the day:

"Pull a string & it'll follow wherever you wish. Push it & it'll go nowhere at all." –-- Dwight D. Eisenhower

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