April 02, 2013

Confusing Story of the Week: PayPal Dumping VMware for OpenStack?
why can't PayPal keep VMware at the infrastructure layer and simply adopt OpenStack at the cloud management layer? After all, OpenStack is really a competitor to VMware's vCloud (not to vSphere virtual infrastructure). In the era of cloud to think that companies as large as PayPal or eBay will standardize on a single virtual infrastructure is not realistic and to think that these companies can afford to dump VMware in favor of any other hypervisor is also unrealistic.

500 Startups sees potential in India's e-commerce, education
The Indian startup community was abuzz with the arrival of prominent angel investor Dave McClure, founder of business incubator 500 Startups last month. His flagship Geeks on a Plane event (#GOAP) last month was certainly quite a hit. While McClure is back in the Valley, the work still continues with entrepreneur Pankaj Jain who was appointed as the venture partner for 500 Startups in India last October.

The Designing of a Logic Reasoning Methodology
To understand the relationship of logic reasoning and English language, we need to see the grammatical rules of English language; and how a predicate calculus can be constructed on it. Logical reasoning, especially deductive logic in the computational form of the predicate calculus (propositional calculus) is established as such that: all the predicates (sentences) form the basis of the reasoning and the foundation of the knowledge closure; and we test our conclusion (a test sentence) through the traversal of these predicate sentences which have been parsed using set of PC rules.

The humorous side of IT
Some geek humor is only appreciated by IT pros. Alan Norton discusses clueless user stories, silly names, and more, as well as when humor and IT don’t mix. Whether you call it geek humor or IT humor, there is a class of humor told by IT professionals that only they understand and appreciate. Here are just a few categories of IT humor

Big Data and In-Memory: Are They Related?Most of the big data applications are analytics. With OLTP we get a transaction that updates or adds some data, and once it is complete the business result has been achieved. OLTP transactions are short, sharp and fast. With analytics, the data analyst conducts a fairly extensive dialogue with the data. There may be many steps to this. In modeling a problem the analyst may read just a small sample of the data and then interacts with it using various statistical techniques.

Infrastructure provisioning challenges: Linking physical and virtual
Many organizations deployed virtualization for the capital expense savings, but found they save on operational expenses as well. The operational expense savings results from improved manageability and the ability to use automation to work with large numbers of VMs with minimal manual effort. Keeping these savings in mind, how could you mimic the improvements in the physical parts of your infrastructure?

Thousands of Companies Diagnosed with Dreaded "Silo Syndrome"
A silent epidemic afflicting hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide was diagnosed as "Silo Syndrome" today by leading Big Data authorities. Long speculated as the cause behind loss of agility, business insight and competitive advantage, Silo Syndrome does not discriminate, and is particularly dangerous to organizations in the financial services, healthcare, technology, e-business and government sectors.

H-1B demand this year will be fast, furious
Opponents will counter that H-1B visa employees are displacing U.S. workers, and they will point in particular to H-1B visa demand by offshore outsourcing companies. Immigration experts say visa demand this year will be high enough to cause the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (CIS) to hold a lottery to decide who gets a visa. The last time this happened was in 2008.

Building trust in your managers
That question is not just about right versus wrong. It’s also about competence versus incompetence. Sometimes managers let things slide because they “trust” their employees will perform. Trust is a bond between individuals or between teams and their supervisors. It can never be expected, nor imposed. It is earned through example and reinforced through success as well as recognition.

Knimbus enables Web-based knowledge discovery, collaboration
Knimbus aims to democratize information by connecting and enabling knowledge-based communities around the world. The company's platform helps researchers find and access millions of journal articles, patents, and e-books. Users can tag, share, and discuss relevant content with their peers, and their activities create an information signal around the most relevant content and helps other users discover similar information.

Quote for the day:

"The men who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed." -- Lloyd Jones

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