April 15, 2013

Internet of Things, once bitten, twice shy?
As you can see, the examples of Bruce Kasanoff are quit concrete. Think about what will happen, when we place sensors and wired-up objects in our bodies, in our houses, in our companies, in our cities and in our whole society. We will be able to measure every single part of society and business insights which will create competitor advantage on both short and long term.

Open standards critical for successful cloud strategy: Red Hat
For enterprises that have yet to take the cloud leap, the CEOs are increasingly putting pressure on CIOs to fast track their cloud journey as hype for the technology reaches fever pitch. But CIOs themselves are confronted by issues, such as how to adopt cloud in a manner that is not just relocating the company's IT infrastructure, and how to ensure IT security, according to McCabe.

Cloud-based security services market to reach USD 4.2 billion by 2016: Gartner
"Demand remains high from buyers looking to cloud-based security services to address a lack of staff or skills, reduce costs, or comply with security regulations quickly," said Eric Ahlm, research director at Gartner. "This shift in buying behavior from the more traditional on-premises equipment toward cloud-based delivery models offers good opportunities for technology and service providers with cloud delivery capabilities, but those without such capabilities need to act quickly to adapt to this competitive threat."

The Difference Between Finishers and 70-Percenters
There’s a class of professionals in the world one of my former bosses labeled as “70-Percenters.” They’re the people who are great at making noise, and even getting things started, but they don’t know how to close. They’re not finishers. Are you a Finisher or a 70-Percenter? Are you cultivating Finishers on your team?

14 cloud outages in 7 months, who is next?
Since January this year we have seen over 10 outages, wherein cloud providers were forced to eat their own words (read as claims) with regards to 99.999 per cent uptime and availability. The year, cloud outages began with online service provider Zoho's outage, which lasted for several hours on January 21, and affected about 5 million customers.

BYOL: Bring your own liabilities
In order to ensure that any savings are not outweighed by ongoing operational costs, organisations need to carefully consider how they intend to apportion liability between themselves and their employees in a number of important areas. For example, who will take responsibility for lost or stolen devices, and who will be responsible for malware or virus attacks associated with an employee’s device? There is no fixed answers to these questions under the law, and these are precisely the type of tricky operational issues that should be addressed in the policy.

How Will Google Glass Change Internet Marketing?
How might Google capitalize on Google Glass beyond the first wave of sales? It's a tricky question for several reasons. Google Glass is unlike anything that Google has done before. Come to think of it, it's unlike anything that anyone has ever done. Humankind is treading into an area of vague outcomes. There is so much potential for Google Glass that it's hard to get our head around all the possibilities.

The Worst Leadership Tragedy
Take yourself and a notebook to lunch once a month and askyourself probing questions: What is the message of repetitive frustrations? Frustrations are gifts that reveal development opportunities; What new connection should I develop? Dr. Henry Cloud, author of, “Boundaries for Leaders,” said, “We develop in the context of relationship.”; Is life’s trajectory upward or downward? ...

Interview with Michael Azoff from Ovum about How To Create the Agile Enterprise
The concept of the agile enterprise arises from practices that embrace common principles and values, such as putting uppermost the delivery of value to the customer and high-quality products. The ultimate goal is business agility, where the mainstream business processes have adopted agile ways of working and where IT use is optimized, from “run the business” to innovation, and from tactical requirements to long-term strategic requirements affecting the future of the business.

Finding Business Value in Information Management
There are many technologies entering our landscape that people need to be aware of in order to capitalize on the data available to organizations. William McKnight states that people need to challenge themselves to think beyond the traditional approaches and consider the new ways to bring value to their companies.

Quote for the day:

"One needs to be slow to form conviction, but once formed, they must be defended against the heaviest odds." -- Mohandas Gandhi

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