July 12, 2012

4 strategies to combat healthcare fraud
The GAO estimates that in 2010 more than $70 billion in improper payments were made by the federal government within the Medicare and Medicaid programs alone. According to the National Healthcare Antifraud and Abuse Association, between three and ten percent of all healthcare spending is lost to fraud.

Boost Productivity by 'Managing' Your Energy
Running a business is physically and mentally demanding. In many cases it comes with long hours accompanied by high levels of stress. And yet, there’s always more to get done than time and energy seems to permit.

When Smart People Get Stupid
When your "go-to" person becomes less reliable, the whole business starts to suffer ... smart people get stupid when they are either overwhelmed or underwhelmed.

How to Evolve from an Employee into a Consultant
If you’re passionate about your job — yet would prefer to be your own boss — shifting into a consulting role may be the ideal path to becoming a small-business owner.

Toshiba Developing New Data Center Products Based on its Flash Memory Chips
Toshiba said Tuesday it is developing a line of products for storing large amounts of data, based on its flash memory chips.

Twitter reveals the anatomy of its major mobile overhaul
Twitter did a complete work-over designing, prototyping, developing, testing, and calibrating its mobile system during the overhaul

VMware Zimbra Unifies Business Email, Voice, Texting in Cloud Beta Version
Zimbra Collaboration Server 8.0 unifies key business communication channels -- email, messaging, calendaring, voice, and collaboration workflow -- into a single cloud-based service.

Like estimates, risks in the real world are rather more subjective than they ought to be and for this reason alone, it makes sense to get input from more than just a single person, especially if that person is the solitary software architect on the team.

Microsoft Surface will be a real iPad rival in the enterprise, say CIOs
... All three groups voted yes, albeit by different margins, reflecting the Surface tablet could be a genuine challenger to the iPad, Apple's hugely successful tablet that has not faced much serious competition until now ...

Thinking is dead
The value of 'thought' and thinking in IT has diminished, in a way that mirrors society at large, to the stage where design, planning, architecture and anything else other than just banging away at a keyboard appear to have been relegated behind opinions and statements as fact.

Scrum Extensions "Suspended"
Scrum extensions have been “suspended”. That’s the most recent communication from Scrum.org on the community proposed, but controversial, new adjuncts to the scrum methodology. 

Quote for the day:

"Some defeats are only installments to victory" - Jacob

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