July 02, 2012

You won't be left too far behind without it, but Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is a worthy update that brings improved voice search, notifications, and sharing.

Tips for Entrepreneurs Seeking the Next Big Thing
Every entrepreneur wishes that he could predict whether his idea could be the “next big thing,” before he spent his life savings and years of energy on it. Investors, on the other hand, typically don’t even look very hard at the product or service, but prefer to evaluate first the entrepreneur, and secondly the business plan.

Microsoft Cloud: Cooperating and Competing With Partners
“The question is… Is Microsoft a partner or a competitor in this space,” Staples said. “I want to answer that question honestly and directly…The answer is yes. Microsoft is a partner and a competitor in this space.”

Dave McCrory Unveils Initial Formula for Principle of Data Gravity
Data Gravity is a theory around which data has mass. As data (mass) accumulates, it begins to have gravity. This Data Gravity pulls services and applications closer to the data. This attraction (gravitational force) is caused by the need for services and applications to have higher bandwidth and/or lower latency access to the data.

IT firms face talent crunch in emerging business areas
"Analytics and big-data skills do not exist in adequate numbers in the industry right now," said Munshi, whose analytics institute in Bangalore boasts of having over 100 students, including several top-level executives. "Top IT firms are spending a lot of money and time on training employees on these skills. These areas are just beginning to boom."

Amazon Web Services: A guide to Amazon's cloud
ZDNet's complete guide to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its runaway cloud looks at how the company has built up a huge lead in its sector, from its hold over the modern developer-led web and how it applies its retail skills to the cloud arena. - Download requires free registration

10 Ways to Find Your Breakthrough
Breakthrough moments rise up and grip you by the throat. Resist them and you’re stuck. Navigate them and you’ll achieve new levels of success.

Agile and Offshoring - the Twain shall meet
There is enough evidence that Agile works … in most cases much better than waterfall. Even when you are working in an enterprise scale, distributed, multi-vendor and strong regulatory environment – agile works better than any other method.

"It's hard to do a really good job on anything you don't think about in the shower" -- Paul Graham

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