July 19, 2012

Speed as a Feature, Part 1
When describing your application to users, peers, VCs or potential new hires, which features do you list? ... How about the API you built? Or maybe you can’t stop glowing over your Cloud-based real time local big data feed? But when was the last time you talked to someone about how fast your application is?

For BYOD Best Practices, Secure Data, Not Devices
"It's appropriate to manage the device if you own that device," says Alan Murray, senior vice president of products at Apperian, a provider of a cloud-based mobile application management (MAM) solution

Do You Have the Digital Leaders You Need?
Only nine companies — less than two percent of the Fortune 500 — are what we would call "highly digital." To be highly digital, by our definition a company must pass four tests: it generates a high percentage of revenues digitally; its leadership (both the CEO and the Board) has deep digital experience; it does business significantly enabled by digital channels; and it's recognized as transformational in its industry.

Three Steps to Avoid Getting Hacked Like Yahoo
It may seem like a wake-up call for protecting servers better, and improving network security, but the reality is that it’s just a reminder that common sense and basic security practices could probably prevent this—and most other—attacks. Where did Yahoo go wrong? Well, according to Jason Rhykerd, an IT security expert with SystemExperts, Yahoo made three serious mistakes.

I Don’t Mean to Be Offensive, But Your Employee Engagement Stinks
... Many organizations talk a good game when it comes to employee engagement, but how many of you actually walk the walk? According to the latest Towers Watson survey, not many. The study found that 63 percent of workers are not engaged and are struggling to cope with work. That means that only 37 percent of employees are giving their all to your organization! ...

Enterprise Risk Management & Regulatory Capital Guidelines
... In spite of that progress, a large number of those institutions are still muddling through capital and earnings pressures derived from significant loan losses and sharp declining values of selected securities portfolios. ...

Create and Consume JSON-Formatted OData
OData is a specification for ensuring that data service consumers can rely on a consistent experience from the services they consume. One of the rules of the spec is that OData results are output by default in ATOM format (which is a specific way of formatting XML), and that it can also output results in JSON format.

Building a private cloud with System Center 2012: Part 2
The next stage in our investigation of Microsoft's Private Cloud Evaluation Software bundle involves deploying and configuring a series of Integration Packs that allow the various System Center tools to work together.

YouTube launches face-blurring tool to hide identities
YouTube has added a tool which automatically blurs out the faces of people appearing in uploaded videos.

Malaysia, India next big data center hotspots
As costs of building and operating data centers in Asia increase in traditional hotspots such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo, other countries such as Malaysia and India have emerged as alternative sites for their improving infrastructure and lower costs.

How artificial intelligence will shape our lives
...“The creation of avatars will change everything in our societies: politics, economics, medicine, health care, food industry, construction methods, transportation, trade, banking, etc. The whole architecture of society will be transformed, there will be an increase in its self-organization, people will unite to fight the biggest and most universal problem of humankind — that of death.”...

Quote for the day:

"Years of management have taught me that giving someone a job title or role before he is actually doing the job is a recipe for failure."  --Eric V. Holtzclaw, CEO and founder of User Insight

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